Heaven #2859 The Palm of Your Hand

Is it not marvelous all the contrasts and likenesses of Creation as I set them out before you? On the surface of life alone, I have offered you spectacular entertainment. Ask any mountain climber, polo player, or golfer, and they will tell you. Ask anyone who sews or knits or plays Parcheesi. There is no end to the entertainment I have offered you.

And yet sometimes I hear you say that you are bored. This is truly a miracle that you, who can walk in a park or down a sidewalk, can pick out boredom when there are so many other things to pick out! Yes, you really can find a needle in the haystack.

I give you a perfect diamond. Leave it to you, you will take out a jeweler's loupe and find the diamond's only imperceptible flaw. Are you not perfect at that? You are often flawless at finding something to dissatisfy you.

I will not list all the deliciousness of life that you find fault with. I will mention just a very few examples. You may see the trees turn bright color in the fall, and you may indeed appreciate their beauty, and yet you will complain about raking up those selfsame leaves. Would you really rather that there be no leaves to rake this fall? We could say the same about snow. Would you remove the advent of sunlight sparkling on snow?

Is it not, as I have said before, that everything is how you look at it? I cannot think of a thing that is not. Truth is Truth with or without your perception, yet how you look at it makes all the difference to you.

You might say that you are only looking at the world and its contents realistically whereas I might say you are looking for the downside instead of the upside. How realistic would you call that? Beloveds, when you see the downside, you can take that as a clear cue to look for the upside. And when you can't see the upside, even looking for the upside holds you in good stead. Even looking for a diamond and not finding it beats having a diamond and pouncing on its flaws.

The world is a diamond I have given you. How can you say that the world I have given you is only wicked? How can you say there is nothing to do tonight? How can you say you are not in a Paradise? If not the Paradise you are looking for, at least can you admit that the world is a Paradise, at least a Paradise of sorts? Of course, you have the talent to see flaws anywhere. I would ask you to turn that talent around and know that you can also single out the beauty you are surrounded with.

When you look for flaws, what can the outcome be but to complain? Would you really choose complaint over even a little joy? Come now, become a beauty-hunter. You will be rewarded. You will reward yourself. Otherwise, you choose to dismay yourself.

Beloveds, you can look at the palm of your hand and be amazed at the wonder of it. Look at the promise of your life the lines hold. Look how you can flex your hand and change its shape. Look at how your fingers can hide the palm. See how your hand is connected to your wrist. Look at the versatility of your wrist and all the graceful ways it can turn. Look at the fingernails provided for you on each finger that has its perfect shape and movement. Look at all the gestures your beautiful hand can make. Look at the artistry and architecture of your hand and praise God.


natasha stewart 22nd October 2008 4:35 pm

thankyou gloria! how funny! I was literally just musing over how amazing and colourful our world is, after channell hopping between two programs on t.v. over the last hour!...these two programs followed one person exploring India and the other was exploring paris...two huge cultural examples of life!! but i couldn't decide which to watch , so kept jumpimg between the two, out of avid interest! I just thought 'WOW'! I'm so lucky. I live on this amazing planet, with all these amazing countries and I can visit any one of them at any time!....I think we (as human beings!) can simply forget sometimes....I just checked my email and this message was in there...lovely jubly! thanks again! xxx with peace and love :roll:


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