Heaven #2863 Be the Diviner of the World

Stay close to Me, beloveds. In rain or in shine, stay close to Me. I am not to be saved for only a rainy day.

I am ever-present, so make Me ever-present in your life. Make Me obvious. Let Me be your Friend Who goes everywhere with you. Let Me be your Friend Whom you welcome. Let Me be your friend Whom you invite. Let Me come with you today.

Talk to Me, your Life Companion. We have known each other longer than you have known anyone else. We come from the old country together, as it were.

The fact is that We have never been apart. This is established. We entered life together. We always had Being, and now We have activity as well. You could say We started a business together, and We are partners, partners who have great trust, partners with Our own surety. We have Our bond, and Our bond is love.

If you say We have a contract, then the contract is love. Despite what you may think, I never let you down, and you cannot let Me down. You may disappoint yourself but Me, never. I see clearly. I see past all the subterfuge you give such cognizance to. You are one of the good guys. Now all you have to do is become a good guy in your own eyes. Never mind about the times you tripped and fell. Never mind about the times you forgot Who you were and forgot to come from the height of Heaven. You see, sometimes you have even thought you were a snake, and sometimes, so it seems to you, you betrayed yourself. But lack of vision is not betrayal. It is simply lack of vision.

Today We widen your vision. Today you will see more clearly. Today you will see what you have previously missed. You are going to enjoy seeing with new eyes. We're not fooling around with glasses any longer. To expand your vision, all We have to do is to remove the film that is over your eyes.

Are you agreed to expand your vision? Are you agreed to see life in the world and how it is configured in a new way? Are you agreed to step out of the past? Are you agreed to accept your place as Prince or Princess of the Universe? As My child, would you give up your inheritance? You say you wouldn't, but isn't that what you have done? For potage, you gave up your royal robes. You put yourself out for adoption. You picked up crumbs off the street and settled for them when, all the while, a feast in your honor is waiting for you.

No longer deny yourself the riches of Heaven. Whatever bad moves the world may have made, you have denied yourself. Now you know you can be the diviner of yourself. You can be the diviner of the world. You can lay out the plat of the world for all to see. You are the architect of life, and you can design the world as you like. You do not require opposites, beloveds. You require singularity, singularity of purpose. I consign you to create the world as you would like it to be. You have been used to it the old way, and now you envision and beat the gong of a new way.

You are going to be a permanent trendsetter. You are going to make the real goods. You are going to be on the forefront of the New World. You will be sending out the invitations soon.



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