Heaven #2894 On the Cusp of the Universe

Everything that happens, everything you go through, adds to the substance of you. When all is said and done, you come out stronger.

What I am saying is nothing you have to think about or investigate, yet every experience is a building-block. Even when your experience is a terrible trial, you do come out of it. As much as you would hold blessings to you, the perfect blessings also serve, and you are outside them soon enough too.

All the offenses that offend you are also sorting you out. They are shaking you up, and in that sense they are strengthening you. Even disarray strengthens you. That which offends you is strengthening someone. You may be straightening up someone's backbone. The offenses you give may help others to know where they stand, so, in that sense, you are adding substance to the world. As for yourself, you may have dug a hole, but the dirt is behind you. You can walk away.

The past is past, and, yet, you stand stronger today because of the past. Bless the past, its blessings and its misfortunes, and now you stand before Me on an even keel.

Whatever acts of generosity or callousness you displayed, you are advanced now. There is no purpose in guilt or in self-satisfaction. You are in a new place now. You have taken a step further, and the sun and the world advance with you.

It doesn't matter whether you learned a lesson or not. You have been playing hopscotch, and now you stand in a different square. You may see yourself in the same place, yet the place on which you stand right now, you stand on so briefly. You are subject to change whether you desire it or not. The world turns, and you with it.

You are on the cusp of the Universe now. You always were. This is a good thing. You have a leaping-off place. You are of the moment. In terms of secular life, you do not know what is before you. You do not always fully understand what is behind you either. But right now you are in a perfect moment where all of the energy of the Universe flows into you, just the way the full Sun shines on you. The Universe and the Sun are always digging up their goods for you, and thus an horizon.

Just imagine, full sunshine shines on everyone under its gaze. And the fullness of the energy of the entire Universe also rushes to you. Be ready to accept. You never need be dragging again, for the entire energy of God's Universe is at your disposal. It wants to be picked up by you. It wants to surge through you. It wants you to soak it up and then shower it back upon the Universe it came from. It is given to you to give back, and so it is replenished, and so it is strengthened. How intimate is your connection with the Universe!

The sun is for you. The Universe is for you. Everything is for you. It is for you and at your disposal. Drink of the Ocean of Love I present to you. Love is the energy of the Universe that I offer you. I give you the whole Oceanful. I do not give tiny servings. I give you it all. All within My reach is yours, and My arms reach far. Beloveds, they reach everywhere.

Wherever you stand, My arms reach around you. I will never let you go. I never have. You have always been right here with Me. Come to Me by knowing in Whose arms of love you are. And, now, beloveds, you will extend My arms even further into the awareness of all.



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