Heaven #2898 Honor Your Heart

From the center of your heart, there is a spiral of love that reverberates and winds itself around the Universe. Your heart is the Center of the World of Love. Your heart is the center of you, and it is the center of everything.

Your mind is an adjunct to your heart. Your heart is the main thing. On some level you know this. As clever as your mind may be, your heart knows this. It is your heart that has brilliance. Your mind is a second-runner.

Do not think that I am debasing the mind. It's just that the mind has stepped out of line. The mind is meant to be a servant to the heart. Often the mind gets ahead of itself but not ahead of the heart. It may dance in front of the heart, but that is only dancing, much the way a samurai might twirl his sword in front of you and make great motions. And yet your heart watches and stands still. Actually, it is the mind that watches itself, yet, sometimes, the heart is stymied and misses a beat due to your gallant respect for the mind. The mind makes discoveries. There is no doubt about that. It discovers what the heart already knows. Consider Einstein, for example. The greatest discoveries made in the world are discoveries of the heart. Einstein made his discoveries of his mind through his heart. His heart signaled the answers the mind found. In truth, beloveds, there isn't much outside the heart, if anything.

Let's face it. The heart deep down has more confidence than the mind, and yet it is also more mannerly. The heart does not run roughshod over the mind. It will patiently wait its turn. The mind is quick to dart, however. The mind would like a master/slave relationship. True, there is co-dependency between the heart and mind. The mind may think it's superior, yet there comes a time when the mind knows it rides in the back seat and is much like a nagging wife.

The heart is on its ascendancy. The heart is rising up and taking care of the world and all within the world. The heart is a gentleman from King Arthur's court. The heart is a hero riding out from the west on a white horse, and it is the hero heart that saves the day. And yet the heart bows down and takes no credit. The heart is often like the secret highwayman who rides around doing good and not taking credit for it. Yes, your heart. Let your heart be silent as it chooses, but let your mind acknowledge the heart's dominancy. Hurray for the heart of man! Hurray for the heart that, even once cut, bounces back like a bedspring.

Oh, the heart, the beautiful heart that I have planted in your chest! It is My signature, beloveds. It is My masterpiece. It is My great creation. All creation is great, so I cannot say that your heart is My greatest creation. It is enough to say it is great.

You have a great heart within you. You have an expansive heart, and now you will expand it. You will expand it more now. Any debris that may be in your heart, let Us remove it forthwith. By Our intention, it is removed. Your heart longs to be the pure heart I made without interference. Your heart is a holy thing, beloveds. By all means, honor your heart.

Within your heart, We have made a tryst, beloveds. We agreed to meet in your heart. We agreed to meet today within the next hour. I will be here. Will you be here too? Will you meet Me on time? Of course, I will wait. I will wait gladly. I will be on time because I don't want you to have to wait for Me. In fact, I am already in your heart, and I am waiting for you to meet Me.




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