Heaven #2942 God Carries Us

When something is hard for you to do, call on Me. Allow Me to be by your elbow. Allow Me to help. Please know you are never alone. It doesn't matter where you are or what you are doing, I am with you. I am with you in every sense of the word. I am here. I am here. I am here.

Invite Me. Even though I am already here, invite Me. Let Me be your Life Assistant. Let Me carry you through the hard times, and let Me carry you through the good times. You deserve Me, beloveds. You deserve to have Me at your side. That's where I am anyway, and yet it's good to know you have Me, just the way you like to pat your pocket and know that your wallet is there. Or your cell phone.

Unlike your cell phone, I need no charging. Unlike your cell phone, there is no way you can possibly leave Me somewhere. I am as connected to you as your heart, your ear, your nose. More than those. More than anything, I am connected to you. You cannot leave Me anywhere, even if you tried. I am chugging along right beside you -- well, even closer than that. Inside you. Here I am. I am here. I am here with you. I am ever near. Closer than near, you understand.

What is it that is hard for you to do today? A telephone call? Let Me do the dialing for you. Let Me speak for you.

What is hard for you to do today? You have to make an appearance, perhaps give a talk? Why, let Me do it. Know that I stand with you, and I will do the talking for you. Tell Me, beloveds, what is too hard for you to do when you know I am solidly with you?

In one sense, it doesn't matter where you are so long as I am with you. I know you want to be walking through flowered fields or sailing the ocean, when you may have to go to work or to school or to prison, and you don't want to go any of those places at all. Remember I am with you in flowered fields or sea or work, school, prison, or anywhere at all the same. You can't be without Me. I am totally connected to you. You cannot make one move without Me. I AM you. For now, just accept that I accompany you.

Not only do I accompany you, not only am I with you, I am with you with all My heart. I encompass you.

Knowing that, see what you can do about squeezing joy from any and every encounter, situation, condition, undertaking, event, annoyance. If knowing that you cannot go anywhere without Me, if knowing you cannot be subjected to anything without Me, might that make a little difference for your happiness? I want it to.

Just think, I am with you, beloveds. Inexorably with you.

When you leave the house in winter, you remember to take your coat. Then take Me along with your coat. And if it is the cold of winter and you do not have a coat, then let Me be your coat. And if it is the heat of summer, and you are in a desert, and there is no tree, and you don't have a hat to give you shade, let Me be your shade. If you have to walk twenty miles, and your legs are tired, well, then, let Me be your legs, or let Me take you on My shoulders.

It certainly won't hurt for you to know that I am with you in every instance.



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