Heaven #2962 Golden Light and Golden Love

Must My children think that something is the matter with them? In terms of life in the world, beloveds, you will never attain perfection, so let yourself be. Imperfect, you are perfect. Do you understand Me?

Individuality is worth something. No two of My children are alike. There is great wonderful entertaining involving individuality. How can there be so many representations of the One? And yet there are. There has never been one just like you anywhere in the world at any time. If we go back thousands of years, We would not find one other like you. So, beloveds, don't try to be like anyone else. You are you, and there is no need for you to be someone else. Where you see fault, I see uniqueness. Where you see blemish, I see beauty.

In terms of the world, you can't be everything. You can only be something. How about not comparing yourself to anyone else? You don't have to be thinner or plumper. You don't have to be smarter. You do not have to be more successful. You don't have to be successful in terms of the world. All you have to do is to be, and that takes no effort. Take less effort, beloveds.

Making an intention is easy. Make your intentions, and then go about your life. You are not a puppet you are making to walk. You can walk on your own. Enjoy your walk.

Your walk through life does not have to be perfect as you understand perfect. It's all right to be perfectly you.

I didn't make you anyone else. I made you you. I made you. Certainly, you are growing. And grow you will. Yet, as it is now, you don't please yourself. I am asking you to be pleased. I am asking you to be accepting and kind toward yourself. I am saying to remove displeasure about yourself or anyone or anything. I am asking you to be pleased with how you look in the mirror, and I am asking you to be pleased when you don't look in the mirror.

What is all this attention on the outer attributes about? Isn't it enough that you are made in My image? I wasn't distracted when I made you. I knew what I was doing, and I made you the blessing that you are. You will be a greater blessing yet when you are not so concerned about yourself and your accomplishments and how you appear to the outer world. Know this: You are a blessing now.

Really, is there another image you need? Am I not image enough for you? You were made in My image, not anyone else's. You don't have to be like anyone else. You cannot be like anyone else.

I am not telling you to give up on life. I don't tell you to sit in a corner and do nothing. I am telling you to appreciate yourself. Come from that place of appreciation. Be appreciative of yourself. Remind yourself that you were made in My light and in My love. How bad can you be? You can't be bad at all.

Regardless of anything, you are My Divine Child. That is the story. Mistakes, transgression and such are not the story. I am the story. I am your story. I am your Father. When you accept that you are My child, can you really keep a low self-image? And if you could, why would you?

If you have not valued yourself, value yourself now. You will proceed in life as you perceive yourself. Perceive yourself golden love and golden light. See what happens then.


gillumine@gmail.com 10th June 2009 12:24 pm

Beautiful thank you


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