Heaven #2968 First You Have the Dream

The power of dreams is unbeatable. The energy behind dreams is full-blown. The energy doesn't stop. Once dreamed of, the whole power of the Universe comes into play. This is how a dream may come true quickly, or down the stream years and years from now.

You may say that some of your dreams don't come true. You may say that none of them have come true. It is hard for Me to believe that is the case, yet if that is the case, you aren't done yet. Know that the fulfillment of a dream doesn't die easily.

It can well be you are restricting your dream. You want a change, and yet you may not want the change the way it wants to come to you. You may object. Maybe you want a new job, and yet you don't want to lose your present job until you have the new one. Do you see what I mean when I say you may put constraints on your dream? You may want what you dream of, and yet you want it on your terms, and so you may restrict and restrain that which you dream of. This does happen.

You may want your soul mate, and yet you say your soul mate has to look a certain way or be a certain height, and so you dismiss possibilities before they arise. You may sincerely desire your soul mate, and yet you are sure it is only a dream and can't really come true. You may have thought you had found your soul mate before, and she wasn't right for you. And so you may take away your own dream. Beloveds, there is responsibility that accompanies your dreams.

We should also clarify the difference between true dreams and idle wishes. You may dream of a new car. It may come true, this is possible. It appears one day, and it's yours. You wanted the car. You really wanted it, yet the car was not your real dream. You wanted it, and yet your energy wasn't really behind it. To be real, your dream has to have a great importance to it for you. A dream comes from deeper than the surface of life.

You may really want a new beautiful home, and you may have this dream come true, even when it may not be your deep desire. Still, when it comes to you, then what? What do you have?

I suggest that if you do desire a beautiful home, start making your present home beautiful.

When all is said and done, how much difference does a beautiful new home really make for you, beloveds? How much happiness does it really give you, or is it, after all, only a house?

You know how it is with genies. You have to rub the lamp and call the genie to you before a genie will come to you and make your wishes come true. You are your own genie. Rub your eyes. Rub your dream selector. Transform your dreams. Nature will come in and add spice to the mix.

Whatever you deeply desire, there is a way for it to manifest for you. You dream of that which is dreaming of you. You may have to work for your dreams, but maybe not so hard, beloveds. Maybe you don't really have to work so hard at fulfilling your dreams. Your dreams may come easily.

First you have to have the dreams, beloveds. Hold your dreams deep in your heart. Don't throw your dreams to the winds, beloveds. Keep your dreams close to you, and then let them go so they may find their way.



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