Heaven #2980 Make Room for New Thoughts

Let not your mind be like shoes you are delighted to take off at night. When shoes fit you well, they don't hurt and you can wear them a long time without much thought about them. When your thoughts fit you well, they too will not hurt. They will not be burdens. Wear comfortable thoughts to begin with.

Consider that you are going on a trip. You pack the clothes that are going with you. You take the clothes you like. You don't fill up your suitcase with clothes you don't like. You don't take clothes that you don't like along just in case you might need them. Why, oh, why, must My children take with them, day in and day out, thoughts they don't really want? What do you owe these thoughts? Why do you hang on to them?

It would be just fine to leave them behind. In fact, if your mind were a closet, you would do well to empty your closet. Why have your closet filled with that which is not truly useful to you? Why keep old nagging thoughts at all? Sort through your closet now. Why save it for later?

A child pulls his wagon behind him. You carry your thoughts in a wagon of your mind. Confess that you do. Thoughts linger and simmer within your mind.

Your thoughts are like beads that you take out for a while, look at again, and then put back in the beadbox of your mind. It seems to be hard for you to be without old thoughts. You like to have thoughts piled up there in the back of your mind.

Do you think you are making a pillow from old thoughts to rest your head on? Perhaps you do make a pillow, but it is a hard pillow indeed, made of straw, perhaps, or even stones.

Have a clear mind, beloveds. Make room for new thoughts. Make room to grow. Let not your mind be crammed with thoughts. You have better things to do than sort old thoughts all the time. Old thoughts are not multiplication tables for you to memorize. They are not rosary beads to count.

Old thoughts are more like dust to wipe off the table or crumbs to sweep off.

You may say that you are unable to remove old thoughts, even all the old thoughts that torture you. You may say you've tried and tried. I understand. Now simply have the intention that you will keep worthy thoughts to you and let the other ones go. Keep the thoughts that sustain you, and send off the thoughts that hold you down.

This would mean that you would not keep regrets. This means that if regret descends, you would tell it to go away. You do not have to atone. Do not do again that which you regret. And, of course, do not hold worries for the future, because worries are from the past. They are poor predictors, although if you believe in the predictions, you may bring that which you do not want. Your mind would do this for you. Your mind might say: "I have this repeated thought running through me. Hmm, maybe I am supposed to put my attention on this. Hmm, maybe I am to think this into creation. This goes through my mind so much, I had better just manifest it and then be done with it."

Beloveds, clear out the rubbish. None of it is worth going through. Just let it go. No rubbish belongs to you. You can know that ahead of time and not collect it in the first place.



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