Heaven #2988 You Are a God Being

In line with your being authentic, I would like to suggest that you stop apologizing for how you think and how you live and all that. You are a God Being who comes from strength. Not bravado, beloveds, but simple strength. When you think about it, why should you be timid about who you are and how you feel? Being you is the best thing you can be. You are not here to playact.

When I say to stop apologizing, you know I don't mean that if you knock your cart into someone else's cart at the Super Market that you would not apologize. Of course, I want you to say, "Excuse me." You didn't do it on purpose. You are sorry. Always be a lady or gentleman. But when you choose a deliberate action or comment concerning your approach to life, do not apologize for it. Don't apologize as a habit.

When you state an opinion or you live a certain lifestyle, there is no need to explain, no need to justify, no need to take away from your opinion or lifestyle. What is there to be sorry about? That someone sees and lives differently from you? What a drag on conversation if everyone is obsequious about where he happens to be!

Do you apologize for being tall or short, man or woman, shy or bold? If you really think you have to apologize for being shy or bold, then don't be so shy or bold any longer. Would you apologize for the color of your hair? It is the color of your hair.

The apologizing I am speaking of takes away from who you are.

If you believe in Me, there is no need for you to apologize that you believe in Me. And if you do not believe in Me, there is also no need to apologize.

If people in the world did not hesitate, if people did not always have to think what's the smart or wise thing to do under certain circumstances, if people would get right to the point and say what they really feel, would this not be a different world? If people did not feel they had to sell their points of view and if people did not feel they had to buy someone else's point of view, what would the world look like, and how would you feel? I think you would be relieved. Relieved of what? Not having to be what you are not, not having to look like you are anything at all but what you are.

This doesn't mean you can't listen to what someone is saying. In fact, I am showing you a way you can really listen. I am taking you away from assumption, obligation, and freeing you to see as you see and say as you say, and also to be free to change. You neither must stay the same, nor must you change. You are changed when you see differently.

You will change and you will grow, and you always only have to be who you are. If you don't like cooked carrots, don't eat them. If tomorrow you want to eat them, eat them.

We are removing a layer of judgment, beloveds. Your way is good, and someone else's way is good, even when the twain don't meet. You are obliged only to speak for yourself. You are obliged to think for yourself and to be yourself. Even when you see that someone is smarter than you and you want to be like them, you have to come from where you are now.

Honesty, beloveds. We are talking about honesty and not lessening the value of who you are right now this minute.


Rhiannon 1st August 2009 12:21 pm

Thanks for the post, Gloria; a good thing to remember!
I wanted to add a small snipet of what the entity "Kryon"-channeled by Lee Carroll, said regarding the expression and sentiment of sorry. "SORY!" and everything you covered in your much needed post.
Since having read this [the Kryon information] over a decade ago and having shared it with my daughter, we always, when verbalizing and/or writing the word,when we know it is not necessay nor appropriate, use sory and in conversation, we say "with only one R". A new "anti" word? :thumbs:


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