Heaven #3035 Look at the Stars

Let's have a lazy day today, you and I. Let's lie awhile on a white cloud and ponder the blue skies and Heaven and Earth. Let's be serene today with nothing on Our minds except how nice it is to be together in the Oneness of Love. How nice it is just to be. Nothing to have to do, nothing to take care of, to just be love escalating and revolving throughout the Universe.

Let Us just recline today. Let's let the world take care of itself today. Everything is lined up, and everything will appear on cue.

Meanwhile we can sail on a white cloud or We can paddle on a blue sea and look at the blue sky and beyond. We can look up. We can be idle on this day and never mind hurrying up or hastening anything, for today We know that time does not exist, so no longer will My children think that there is not enough time to do all that has to be done. There is no time, for there is Eternity instead, and Eternity is a different game altogether.

We can recline on Eternity and watch an imaginary parade of life go by. We may even see Ourselves marching in the parade, and We don't mind at all. Marchers and majorettes bounce along. We enjoy watching them. We enjoy watching all. What is there not for Us to enjoy on this day that We take it easy?

Without a sense of urgency, We accomplish more. What is urgency but a sense of hurry, hurry, hurry? Everything is not an emergency, beloveds. Not everything is a crisis. Maybe nothing is.

Instead of hurry, hurry, hurry, try out easy, easy, easy does it. When you don't rush, everything is easier. I recommend that you sashay through life rather than skirmishing.

Let Us recline on a lily pod on a serene lagoon at night and look at the stars. Looking at the stars will put everything into perspective. Look at the stars more often and for longer periods. What do you really have to do that is more important than the light and messages of the stars?

Or let Us ride on the moon. The moon is serene. It pulls tides and does much more, and yet it is serene. Emulate the moon, and you will feel the coolness of leisure.

It is not that I ask you to pace yourself. I am saying there is no pace to keep up with. Keep up with silence and calmness over pace any day.

Stand on the top of a mountain, and you will see the hurly-burly at a distance. Stay close to Me, and you will be freed from the toil and trouble. There is no need for you to enter the fray. Enter My heart instead.

Be an emblem of stillness, for it is from the stillness that you accomplish, not from dashing around.

Imagine how I created the world. I did not race anywhere. I thought beautiful thoughts, and then My thoughts manifested. Although I am the Doer, I did not do. I thought. I dreamed. I imagined, and so creation was born. It was born from My heart's desires. I did not work hard at it. I didn't work at all. And you and all the extant world came into existence and haven't stopped since. I created once, and all the merriness continued itself without any effort from Me.

You didn't learn effort from Me, beloveds. Where did you learn it from? Where did you learn stress and strain? Never mind, get off that treadmill now.



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