Heaven #3039 An Idea in Your Mind

You have no enemies. Enemy is an idea in your mind.

Even as I say that you have no enemies, I will tell you that you have one who has been a constant. What I am going to tell you is the basis of any enemy you have entrusted your faith to, and that is fear. Fear is your number one Enemy. Fear is the ephemeral basis of any of the enemies you have fought or run away from. The basis of the concept of enemy is fear, and fear alone. Fear is repetitive yet not so formidable as you have thought.

If fear did not arise, what would there be to be afraid of? Not death, not pain, not loss, for in order for you to be fearless, you would have to know that nothing can touch you, not death, not loss, not pain, not any of those things that fear has victimized.

Only with fear can you see yourself in danger. Only with fear can you be a victim. Without fear, you may be a hero. Certainly, you would be a hero to yourself.

So what is this fear that comes quickly and runs through your heart like black ink? Where can it exist when you do not fuel it? Nowhere. Fear may try to push its way in, yet it cannot enter except as you see it as your protector. Of course, fear does not protect you. It scares you. You may see fear as preventing you from jumping off a tall building, but is that fear or plain common sense? Do not mix up fear and common sense. Make your choices, beloveds. But why choose fear? Why ever?

And if, in the case of a burning building, let Us say, life should demand that you jump, then do it without fear, for into Whose arms will you fall? I will catch you, and whatever the Earth outcome may be, We will take up where We left off.

To exclude fear from you for any loss of your physical body, then you will have to let go of attachment to your body. When you are not attached as you have been, where can fear come in? When your physical body is in perspective, what fear regarding it would you have?

But, of course, you have many fears connected with the physical world. You even fear beyond your own physical self. You also fear for loved ones who would mourn you when you exit the world, and yet you can know I am with them too. You fear for the loss of the physical bodies of those whom you do not know, as if death of the body were the end of them. It is not. It is a new beginning.

Hardship falls into the category of fear, for what hardship can there be when I am with you? What is hard when you know I AM and that I AM with your loved ones just as much as I AM with you?

Somehow you comfort yourself with the idea of fear, strange as that may seem. I am telling you that you have nothing to fear. I am telling you to fear not. Fear not embarrassment, failure, death, life. Fear nothing at all because you belong to Me. You do not belong to fear. Fear's grasp is slippery. End fear's hold on you now. You have better things to occupy your mind and your heart and your soul with. Mind your heart, beloveds. It is strong, and you will be even more strong-hearted. I am showing you the way.



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