Heaven #3044 Feel the Freedom

It is very freeing when you come to the place where no one has to agree with you. This frees those who think differently from you. Most of all, it frees you from the conviction that you have to be right. You are right in your own eyes, of course, and another person is right in his or her own eyes. Beware of trying to convince someone that his view is off because it is not the same as yours.

When you feel someone has to feel as you do or see as you do, then you are engaging in a duel. Then you are a swashbuckler who must win. If you don't win, you feel you have lost. What have you lost, beloveds?

And when you win, you have a sense of being victorious. Beware of feeling victorious over someone. It is not a win at all, you understand. A win over another is not a victory. You took another's compliance as a victory. Better that you be victorious over your own need to be on top.

There is no top and there is no bottom. All are free agents to wind themselves around the world, to grasp the world as they see to grasp it. By what law is it that someone, or anyone, has to see as you do see, as you do see for the moment, for you will also depart from time to time from how you see things.

I have noticed on occasion that My dear children want to set Me straight on matters, too. Sometimes, when one of My children does not see as I see, he wants to correct Me. Now, isn't that amazing? You strive to educate Me. You see yourself as right to the extent that sometimes My children want to convert My vision of the world! What can I do but smile and keep My laughter to Myself, for I do not wish to hurt anyone's feelings nor do I want to impose My perception upon you. I would not force you to agree, you understand, even though I know full well that you long to see as I do see. You long to have greater vision, and what vision is greater than yours if it is not Mine? What is this perceived necessity that you be right? Beloveds, pardon Me, but are your opinions holy standards by which to compare Me?

The time will come when you do see as I do see, and worry lines will disappear from your brow. You will not strain. You will open your mind and heart, and you will gladly listen to Truth and want only Truth and no longer argument, for what can there be that I tell you that you must push against, beloveds?

Have your singular opinions, and yet know the difference between opinion and Truth. Your opinion matters to you very much, yet your opinion is only one of many pebbles on the shore that the Ocean turns into sand. There is much sand, beloveds, and one Truth.

You have been educated to superlatives, beloveds, as well as comparatives. You have often thought in terms of better or worse, best and wisest and truest and most right. You have been taught to judge and call it intelligent. Of course, choose what you like and don't choose what you don't like, yet open wide your mind and your heart so that opinions, yours and others, are not so important to you as they may have once been. Feel the freedom.



Sunkamanitu_Nagi_Wicasta 27th March 2009 8:01 am


Thank you so very much! I really needed to hear this at this time. It is a struggle and I feel priviledged to read Spirit
s words thru you!

Love and hugs,


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