Heaven #3052 Make Three Wishes

What three wishes do you have today? What three happenings would make you very happy today? Is there any reason why your wishes for today cannot be fulfilled, really fulfilled?

I read your mind. You may think of a long list of reasons why your three wishes are still pending, yet how many times do I have to tell you to let go of the past? How many times do I have to tell you that fact and logic are of no consequence when it comes to matters of the heart? Be done with the past, and be done with your whole marvelous list of why your wishes cannot come true.

Make a list of all the reasons why your wishes can come true, and come true today. It is My wish that all your wishes come true.

Beloveds, the genie who does wonders for you in the arena of wishes is your own thinking. This genie can make your dreams come true. Your own heart makes its wishes, and the longings of your heart absolutely can come true. The human mind is often a naysayer. Perhaps even your mind has been very good at telling you why your wishes are unlikely, if not impossible, to come true, at least for you, your mind says.

Maybe you think that some people get their wishes, but not you. Why not you, beloved? Make sure that your thinking is friendly and supportive to you. Make sure your thinking works for you and not to sabotage you.

Do not let your thoughts downplay your wishes and discourage you. That mind of yours is sometimes so smart that it waylays you. The mind likes to prove things. It has a certain satisfaction in proving even when its proof denies you your heart's wishes.

So close your eyes and make your wishes. And when you open your eyes, picture yourself, picture how you will feel when your wishes come true. Walk through the rooms of your wish fulfillment. What does everything look like? Look at how broad-beaming your smile is. Look at how you walk.

And now smile that way, and now walk that way, and keep looking for signs of your wishes coming true. You will see signs, beloved. Just by your looking for signs, you will see them. You will see hints of them. And you will begin to see your dreams coming true. Your dreams come true first in your heart where you desire them, and then they start to come true in your outer life. Be happy for any of the signs you see.

Perhaps your wish comes true to a friend of yours. Be glad, for you can see how close your wish fulfilled is coming to you. You can almost taste it.

Keep being on the lookout for your wishes coming true. Urge your wish on as you would urge your horse. If your horse doesn't go as fast as you want, you still can enjoy your horse.

Your wishes don't HAVE to come true, you understand, and that is part of the secret of how wishes come true. You look forward, you look for signs, you enjoy your wishes, and yet you do not whip them into obeyance. You can even be happy when your wishes don't come true or don't come true as soon as you would like. With or without the manifestation of your wishes, you can be happy. You are really not dependent upon your wishes appearing before you. They are not a matter of life or death, and you can let them go free.

And so you make room for greater wishes and greater happiness. You can have it all. Wishes come true first in your heart as you desire them, and then in your mind as you picture them. In terms of how you feel, your wishes have already come true.



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