Heaven #3106 Toss Your Worries Out the Window

Will you, once and for all, stop worrying? You over-worry. Any worry is too much. Worry is pointless. It takes your energy and gives nothing back in return but more of itself. Make a better bargain than this.

Worry is fretting. Worry is thinking of what could go wrong. You even worry after something has gone wrong. Then you worry yourself to the bone over what you could have done better if only you were able to go back in time. Beloveds, you can't go back in time. You cannot undo. Now, please, let go of worry and remonstrance. Let go of worry before, during, and after. Just let it go.

Worry is carrying around a heavy sack. There is no point to it. You don't have to carry it. It serves no good purpose. All it does is weigh you down.

What you can do is let go of worry. Let it fall between the cracks. Get it out of sight. Kick it away. It is of no use to you. Worry is a habit. It is a habit you want to break. Worry, in a perverse way, is like sucking your thumb.

Toss all your worries out the window and let them fly away. Worries have no sustenance except when you agree to them. Disagree with them. There is no reason for you to appease or placate worry. Worry is something you learned, beloveds. Unlearn it now. You took on worry, and now you will let go of it.

Can you imagine the great energy there will be in the world when worry takes a walk? Indeed, Earth would lift itself right up to Heaven. All the energy presently wasted on worry would be transformed into love. Who wouldn't rather love than worry?

What a worthless thing is worry. And yet, what a toehold it has! Worry has been good at hoodwinking you, making you believe that it will prevent misfortune. What a conman worry is! Worry is not a safeguard. Worry is good at bringing misfortune to you. You are already unfortunate when you are consumed with worry.

Come from the premise that there is nothing wrong, and that nothing wrong will happen. Worry would convince you that there is danger around every corner. Worry is the danger, beloveds. You cannot know that what you see as wrong is wrong. Something may well not be what you want. Everyone may say it is wrong, and yet you can let go of the concept of wrongness. You must. Because you don't want something doesn't make it wrong. Death, so feared, is not wrong.

Understandably, you want to keep your loved ones firmly on Earth. To your worried heart, it is wrong for someone to die. Even when you know it's all right, you think it's wrong. Even when someone's time to leave the planet has come, you protest that it is unfair. You object. Don't object, and you won't worry. Worry is self-torment. If you must consider something wrong, consider worry wrong.

Now carry good will instead of worry. Good will expands. Worry contracts. Worry keeps you bound. Good will frees you. How deeply you want to be free, and yet how stolidly you grab onto worry and won't let it go.

Be a well-wisher and no longer a worrier.

Evict worry from your life. Worry has no business staying with you. Cast it off. Cast off the anchor of worry. Set sail for a different shore where worry cannot go. Be worryless, beloveds. Abandon worry. Leave worry on a deserted island. Leave it there.



k 29th May 2009 8:29 am

Yes, but searching for knowledge or understanding is not worrying. I can not ignore what I sense, so I have to understand it. It is not the souls of humans that are "bad" it is the influence of the dark forces on them that causes them to appear to be non-spiritual. IMHO (in my humble opinion). Maybe the 12/21 is about the "devil" or Dark Brothers being in bondage so they do not have influence over humans. The idea may seem primitive, but why should we at this point ignore the teachings of all the spiritual leaders who been on this earth through out time who have endeavored to give us knowledge. As Thoht points out in The Emerald Tablet, "Only by knowing can thou overcome it. Only by wisdom can thou hope to be free" We can love our fellow humans, and still not love the influence darkness has on their souls. Interesting Thoht indicates that the dark influence on a soul can last a lifetime. Suggesting that the soul can come back without the influence of darkness in the next life
"When darkness is banished and all Veils are rendered, out there shall flash from the darkness, the Light"

k 29th May 2009 11:37 am

I look over this now and wonder why I was so confused. Now instead of saying someone is evil or bad, I can think of it more in terms that they are under the influence of darkness. So, when I look into their eyes and feel that roll in my solar plexus, I will know it is not the soul or the person that causes it, it is the presence of darkness as a veil over the light of that soul and in ignorance they do not know how to make the right choices in order to break the bonds of slavery an pull away the veil. Out of fear they hold on to the survival instincts. The Bible predicts that the forces of evil will be more active "as the time approaches". Thoth warns the Children of Light of those who walk in Dark Brightness and yet are not children of light. The Buddha did not speak about evil, but he acknowledged it's existence and taught how to overcome it. Now I have a better understanding and can work through this issue. Sorry if I have been a pain in the rear, but as I throw ideas out, I always hope someone smarter than I will throw ideas back at me.


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