Heaven #3232 Why the Concept of Cause Arose

The reason why you would like to identify a cause, or causes, is that you want a cure. If you can't have a cure, you want restitution. When you find supposed causes, cure is around the corner. With a cause, even if without a cure, you at least have someone or something to point a finger at.

It is not really that you want to point to a cause. It is that you want to point to a cure. The concept of cause arose because you seek a cure for life, beloveds. You want life cured. You want life to be edited. You want life to be cured of all that you don't want. You personally want to live forever, but not like this. Not like this. Of course, you do live forever in other realms.

It is a fact that you see no justification for illness. You see that illness and disease should not be allowed nor can you allow that illness and disease come to the innocent and the perceived guilty alike. There is much that you see no cure for, and so you would like to affix blame.

It comes down to this, beloveds: It doesn't matter what occurs. It doesn't matter. Ill or not ill, dead or dying, it doesn't matter. It certainly doesn't matter in the end.

Of course, things matter to you. They matter to you very much. Yet nothing really matters. It is all going to disappear anyway. It is going to be gone from the face of the Earth. You spar at windmills.

Illness can be circumvented, and yet circumvention is neither the cause of the illness nor the cause of the recovery. There is no cause.

So long as you believe in cause, you believe in injustice. You cry out, "Unfair." It is clear that unfairness in the world exists. When the unfairness or injustice concerns you, you likely believe you are owed something, at the least an apology. It is not in your best interest, beloveds, to believe that you are owed something. It is not in your best interest to believe that something must be made up for, atoned for, even if only by an apology. It is better to go on in life with the past put behind you. To seek justice for a deed or neglect in the past, is living in the past. No matter how wrong something may have been, the best thing for you to do is to move on from it.

Wait not for apology, admission, correction, or anything at all. It is like, during a time, you were in brambles and you got mercilessly scratched. When you are in brambles, the thing to do is to get out of the brambles. Once out of the brambles, the thing to do is to wash up, perhaps put something soothing on your wounds, and then keep going. What do you have to gain by even silently proclaiming the offense of the brambles and recriminating the brambles for being the cause of continued suffering? Physically, you got out of the brambles some time ago. Now let go of them altogether.

How many times have I said to let go? To let go of the treasures, and to let go of treasures never received, and to let go of treasures stolen. The past is your brambles, beloveds, and you must step out of it. There is no percentage in staying there. You are not a victim. There is nothing worthy in being a victim.

Forgive yourself for any assault or disfavor done to you. And if you have offended, then forgive yourself as well. In either case, move on. Get onto another subject.


k 1st October 2009 9:45 am

"Forgive yourself of any disfavor done to you" ??????? I do not understand this. Understanding the cause, the source, of evil in the world is important in understanding why things happen the way they do. Recognizing that there are good and evil forces battling around us and we don't always attract what we are helps me understand my relationship to the universe and my purpose in the cosmos.


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