Heaven #3380 Play Fair with Yourself

Look, I have told you to stop finding fault with yourself. Why, then, do you continue faulting yourself? In terms of the relative world and its expectations, in terms of your own expectations, you will never be perfect. There will be a slip-up somewhere. There will be a gap in your performance. Your pirouette will not suffice. Your legs will be not be the perfection you would like. You will make typos on the computer. You will forget something. 

Your worst imperfection is how you find fault with yourself.

Let's face it. You may never run out of faults to find. I suggest you stop finding fault now, this minute. Let yourself off the hook.

Just as I suggest that you focus on the blessings the world gives, I suggest that you focus on the blessing that you are. The odds are that as soon as you would become 100% perfect, you would then aim for 150% perfect, and you would be off to the races again.

Perfection is not to be a goal in your life.

Do the best you can always. Two minutes later you may see a better route. Well, then, take that route the next time. Stay off the graveled path that costs you remorse. Give yourself a break from unachieved perfection. Play fair with yourself. Okay, so you took your eye off the ball. You didn't hit a home run today. It's okay.

Think of yourself neither as perfect nor imperfect. You want to improve your record, and I tell you to be content with a passing grade. In My book, you are A+. You are living a life in flux. In some places, the river widens. In some places, the river narrows. In some places you leap like a fish. In some places, you flounder, or you make a belly-flop. It's not the first time. What is the big deal?

Take pressure off yourself, and rest your fault-finding self. Better yet, get rid of fault-finding altogether. Finding fault is clearly living in the past. You know better.

Sometimes you have to write off your errors. Turn over a new leaf. Start a new page.

You went to the super market. You bought many things. When you unpacked your groceries, you found that you forgot the one thing you had to get. And now the store is closed. Find a way to make do. Go next door to borrow some sugar. Now you have an opportunity to be neighborly, and now you use this opportunity.

You must not put yourself in debt to yourself. You owe yourself a reprieve, not a bill. You do not have to atone. It is not new that you are a human being who forgets things, or drops things, says the wrong thing, doesn't say the right thing. It's okay. There is nothing to forgive yourself for except that you are a human being. Is that what you can't forgive yourself for? Forgive yourself ahead of time. Condone the fact that you are not error-proof. It comes with the territory.

Will you remember once and for all that you are My beloved child and that I made you in My image? Then you must, as I do, let bygones be bygones. No longer hold the microscope or telescope up to yourself. You live in a body in the relative world. Stop examining yourself. Move on. Be the ship of a prow that sails through whatever furrows it plows through. Give the prow of the ship some leeway. Be kind and forgiving.


kay 26th February 2010 10:35 am

Thanks, Gloria, for a lovely reminder. Kay

MaryO 27th February 2010 1:32 am

Thank you for a beautiful message. This one I really need to keep and read often.


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