Heaven #3418 Look Again

There is not a day that goes by that you are not in My heart and thoughts. There is not a day that goes by that I do not bless you. I do not pray, but if I did, We could say that you are in My prayers. There is no way that I ever take a step away from you. Everyone keeps treasures close. I keep you close. I never let you out of My sight.

Then how is it that you sometimes have felt that I am far away and that you perhaps have been abandoned? How is it that some of My children feel worse than abandoned, perhaps feel put upon or singled out for hard times? At the same time, what you see as evidence of neglect, someone else would welcome. Someone else with your troubles might think he was fortunate. Would you trade?

If you feel down in your luck, if you feel I overlook or discount you, look again, beloveds. That is your thinking, your perception, not Mine. And that is your downfall. You neglect or persecute yourself. You emphasize an outcome that you don't want. Sometimes it seems that you covet being neglected, that you would rather blame Me than look up. You would rather blame Me than be happy. You would rather find lack in Me than acknowledge Our love for each other.

What is there about Our love that you would relinquish it? Is it too much for you? Do you want My love so much that you would deny it? Why would you overlook My love for you? Why would you possibly prefer to feel unloved than loved? And have you not been mistaken before? Can you admit the possibility that you are mistaken now?

And what are We going to do about the situation? What are We going to do about you?

I suggest you favor yourself a little bit more. Instead of being irate or dismayed or put out by what you perceive as love withheld from you, will you start from the premise that you are loved? Will you look for clues of how loved you are? Will you accept My love at least as a possibility?

Beloveds, do you see My love for others? On what do you base this? Why then do you weep, and why do you feel out of favor?

It is fine to want what others have, yet there is a difference between wanting and feeling unloved. You crave more evidence of love. You want to be loved, and you want to know that you are loved.

Then come over here to Me and get your love. Lift up your eyes. Let Me look into your eyes and fill them with My love.

You may have discounted yourself or picked on yourself or have gone out of your way to feel bad. It would seem that you would rather prove you are unloved than to see that you are loved. Perhaps you have even deigned to feel the most overlooked and unloved of all, as if that gives you a distinction. Have you been desiring displeasure and disagreement? Have you been desiring to be denied?

Today, start desiring love and start giving it. Get out of your errant mood. You have been petulant. You have achieved discontent. Now allow yourself joy, and be such a grand giver of love that you know how much love you have received.


angelika 6th May 2010 10:13 am

"Today, start desiring love and start giving it. Get out of your errant mood. You have been petulant. "

The timing for this was amazing - I was in a sulky kind of mood, without realising it, calling it something different. Within a minute of reading this, accepting it and aiming to let love flow into the energy I was feeling, something must have shifted.

And I was invited to a get-together that I didn't feel invited to. I could have just gone and invite myself - the situation would have allowed for that, but my old believe system could not copy with that. I realised it was fear of rejection. So I sulked instead!

Thank you Gloria, thank you God for such a quick result.


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