Heaven #3453 Where the Dolphins and Whales Swim and Play

You don't have to let days of dismay daunt you. There will be daunting days so long as you let things get to you. Rough waters, smooth waters, swim through them. Rough or smooth, waters are not meant to determine your sense of well-being. A mood is only a mood. Moods come and go. Truly, beloveds, you do not have feathers to be ruffled. A state of being is not an up and down motion. Align yourself more with your state of being rather than your ruffled mood. A mood is temporary. Your state of being stays always.

When you go through muddied waters, you also come out of them. Don't stay there any longer than you have to. Go in and out of muddied waters. So be it. The mud washes off. You are too great to stay sucking your thumb about muddied water.

Come out and play with Me! Let's go where the dolphins and whales swim and play. Let's swim through life, and know Our swim was good. I looked at My creation from the beginning, and I saw it was good. Can you look at this one day and say it is good? Even if it wasn't a great day for you, there must have been some goodness in it. And if you can't find reason to give mercy to this day, then give it mercy and love it anyway. Love that a day was here for you. The day did the best for you that it could. Anyway, today promises that tomorrow is another day, and it will do its utmost for you.

Every day is doing the best for you it can.

If a day could, it would make you happy. A day is like a cushion on the couch. It means to make life soft for you, yet a day can't always fluff the cushions for you. Like Santa Claus, the day has other commitments to make to many, and only so many hours to do it in, and sometimes, just sometimes, it can't keep up. Whatever the name of the day of the week, the day has you in mind and does apologize for any inconvenience.

If on any day, the couch is not very comfortable for you, sit up straighter perhaps, and thank the day for the consideration it has given you. There is not one day that doesn't offer you some ray of light. Even if a day gives you only one ray of light, think of it, it has given you one ray. Yet never did the day withhold anything from you. It was just the lay of the land on that particular day. The day begins and ends on its own merits. It can not be responsible for everything about it.

The day would point out to you that on the same exact day that you found rough, you could have experienced comfort. Someone did. Someone had a better day than you. Admit that sometimes you are hard to please. The world out there is not really the culprit. If the world is not the culprit, and the day is not the culprit, then it must be you that is. Are you, perhaps, leaning too much on the day? When you lean too much on it, you may be smothering it with all your leaning on it.

Pay attention to how you meet the day. Maybe you will greet the day. Maybe you will welcome it. Maybe you will make today a good day by giving it a hug and relying on yourself to offer the day a comfortable uplifting you.



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