Heaven #3498 Truly, God's Angel

If you are an angel, it is good that you know you are an angel, for then you know your purpose. Then you know you are not on Earth for yourself alone. You are on Earth to do as angels do. What do angels do but serve?

Angels do not look for their own aggrandizement. They are not even looking to get into My good graces. They know they are already in My good graces. They know they are to serve Me through serving mankind. They do not imagine that they are here on Earth to serve themselves.

Could anyone enjoy more than angels enjoy? They are at play. Angels are very grounded, beloveds. They see their purpose clearly, and they play along the way.

If an angel didn't know he was an angel, he might waste a lot of time seeking his own pleasure and seeking to find what he was doing on Earth. When he knows he is an angel, he doesn't flounder. He gets right down to it.

And so must you have the sure knowledge that you are an angel on Earth. Human Beings are angels. They alighted from Heaven onto Earth to serve. Make no mistake about it. You are an angel. It is time that you know this so you can start claiming your role and fulfill it.

Do not believe for one minute that you have presently been acting out your role. Unless you are a practicing angel on Earth, you have not. You have been merely trying out parts, few of which may really suit you. Of course, you may have played your true role one time or another, or even often, but it has been hit or miss. Now it will not be random for you to serve your purpose on Earth which is to play your true role as only you can play it.

This is not a promotion. This has always been your assignment. Only you thought you were something else. You may even have thought that you were misbegotten and had no purpose to fulfill at all. You may have thought your being here on Earth was a waste of time or a life sentence. You may even have thought you were here to suffer. Now you know why you are here, and now you begin. You begin from wherever you are.

You do not have visible wings to fly on. You have wings of thought, and your heart has wings of love. You have all you need. You are here on Earth to bless, for you are a blessing I made.

It does not matter what part you previously have been playing. If you are a prisoner in jail, you are still an angel I have sent to Earth. Be an angel in jail. If you are a warden of a prison, also be an angel. Angels do not have to look the way you have thought they look. Angels may have a rough exterior. That does not change the inside. Who can better be an angel in prison than you who are in prison? So even your previous purposelessness served a purpose. You are in the right place now. Even if you are innocent, you are in the right place now to fulfill your role as angel.

Be sure you know you do not have to look like an angel. Others do not have to know you are one of My angels. It is you who has to know that you are one of Mine. I have pinned a name card on you that says: "Truly, God's Angel." No one else has to see your name card. You just are to know that this is the true name you carry.


lizzie444 23rd June 2010 6:16 pm

Why do we have to serve? I thought we are over that boring stage.

Mys. Terious 24th June 2010 1:32 am

[This comment has been deleted at the user's request]

johneblums 24th June 2010 7:13 am

I can assure the doubters or sceptical readers there are very many angels incarnate on earth in some of the most unexpected places and vocations. As God said, they do not have wings for "wings" in the spirit sense means the invisible "Light of God-dess", ie the "Ethereal Holy Spirit". These angels are also the Light Bearers of the Holy Chalice realm energies...the holy blood lineage from the "home" of Divinity.

"AN-G-EL" is also a metaphorical word derived from an alternative word of this symbol as the "S*AN-G*RA*EL" : a reference to the Grand SUN UN-iverse of the holy Chalice Realm. Many of these AN-G-ELs do not subscribe to spiritual websites such as this one, but just go about their business in their daily lives, across the broad spectrum of vocations and jobs. Even their close friends or family often are not aware of their angelic identities.

RealityCheck 24th June 2010 3:28 pm


RealityCheck 24th June 2010 9:00 am

If you receive most of your information from world consciousness, you have an egoic system keeping you in a limited reality.

kay 24th June 2010 10:10 am

We certainly don't "have" to serve, but why not, when the results are so rewarding? Joy, peace, expansion, a higher perception of who we really are--just to name a few. In a word, love. Why not be a bridge between worlds?

Amy Pierce 24th June 2010 6:36 pm

Thank you so much for posting this article. I get it! I love it! I live it!
It hasn't been easy finding people who speak like this. I am on such a wonderful path and cannot tell you how much this article means to me.
I just listened to two of the viedos as well and they just gave me the most wonderful overall feeling of love.
Angel Blessings to you.
Angel Amy

IC2ITUC 24th June 2010 7:20 pm

GOD, I wish you would discuss your "Angel" Obama's role in dismanteling the traditions and freedoms of our country and it's fellow "angels". If his role is to move us away from "the old earth ways", I guess you and he chose a willing, effective soul! (small s on his soul in my limited, small, opinion being on this side of the veil!) Sorry for being sarcastic, but it is very difficult for many of us, encased in physical embodiment, to put up with his lying, deceit, and tyrantical ways to achieve his means. Our "free will" is a trying two edged sword!

Bright Sorcerer 25th June 2010 9:14 am

Please do not think of this as criticism but... I am not here "to serve" but to be "of service". To some, that may seem a play on words but there is a distinct difference. One implies an obligation not of our choosing (a servant) while the other refers to making a willing choice. When you are employed by a company in an existence job, you are merely serving the company; if you are assisting others in a volunteer capacity you are being of service.

I fully understand that many are receiving information from Spirit at this time but the messages do not resonate with everybody. I do not believe for a second we are all "angels" but I do not know all things. I am very aware that numerous angels have been given permission to incarnate at this time and that, for a significant number of souls, this will be the last time they are required to take on a physical existence to complete the spiritual evolution required to move to another level of learning in the higher realms. That is only based on my perspective, perceptions and awareness and, as I said, I do not claim to know it all. Blessings.

JediKnightDavid 25th June 2010 6:39 pm

It appears that our leaders are leading us to the edge of our sanity but dear friends, there is a purpose in the darkside that we must use in order to awaken humanity. In order to build an enlightened society the system must be collapsed so that it can be rebuilt with everlasting light! I find, that in these days of shifting energies it is important to be comfortable in the mists of chaos. Balance in life is difficult enough without focusing on the wrong points of view. Our world systems do not honor life and they do not honor Gia! I too regret our goverments failures here at home and out in the world, but holding on to the old ways will not save this country! Only we can change this country and world by embracing Angelic help and The Galactic Federation of Light!!! Not any one leader or goverment can clean up our mess!! Trust your feelings and live in the moment and you can use your will to align with the Will of the Force!!!
Be One with the Force not seperate! See the Light in all!!!

Peace, Love, and Light! Blessing to all and to this channel!

JediKnightDavid ^j^/


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