Heaven #3735 What Else Is There to Be

You make too much of some things, and not enough of others, yet someday soon, you will find the balance that you have so desired. Then everything will be even. The ups and downs will not be so up or down. You will be at a state of relaxation. Enough of tension. Tension makes you tense. It makes you taut. You become a tensile wire instead of a melting heart.

Without the bursting tension you hold so dramatically, you would clearly know what is important and what is not so important or important at all. Important is love. Important is that you are relaxed enough to love simply for the love of it. Nothing has to happen. Love can just be, and you can just be. You don’t need to be love served on a silver platter nor do you have to demand love to be a certain way. As relaxed as you are, so will your love be. That which your love brings to you won’t matter so much for you will know the love in your heart, and you will like it. That you love is important. That love comes to you in a certain guise, well, that is not so important after all.

What you give becomes far more important than what you get. Has not what you are to receive been the most important to you? Why, you have demanded it and pouted when it did not arrive, or arrive in the form you had decided that it must. Let love be free-form, beloveds. Let it cognize itself. You do not have to designate it or describe it or hold out for it.

You do not have to have the best in the world, for you are the best in the world. You do not have to be the best love in the world because best cannot even apply to love. Love is, that’s all. Love is not an empty hand, beloveds. Love is a quiet place where hearts meet as if there were no time at all, no demands, no relinquishing, just being heart and heart together without even noticing it much. Natural is love. It is not a song and dance. It is a quiet beating of hearts, one for the other. It is like improvised jazz. That is what love is. It is a loll in a hammock. It is relaxation. It is honoring the love that peals and peals in the church bells of your heart.

You and a reputed someone else are together, and it is so natural. It is not emotion. Emotion rises and falls. Love is more like a steady stream, noticed yet hardly noticed because it is so natural. It falls where it may. It captures all the stars in heaven and puts them in the so-called other’s heart, and this is how your hearts become one. You will the other’s heart. You no longer play a solo. You are a duet. You may even be an orchestra. So many will join you. You will be an applause for love. You will reconnoiter with love. You will be a Virginia reel of love. You will be a palisade of love.

There will be no leaving. There will be no exit. What would you exit to? What could enchant you the way love enchants you in your heart? You don’t even require a partner any longer, or, We can say that you partner with love, and to the delight of your heart, everyone is precious to you. All are your favorites. All thrill you with joy. All are your accompaniment. All is love. What else is there to do but love? What else is there to be?


Barbara 29th March 2011 1:27 am

beautiful! thank you God and Gloria

marcypass 30th March 2011 3:28 am

such beautiful, beautiful words. Thank you x


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