Heaven #3962 Willingly or Unwillingly

Savor life to the fullest. Listen to its messages. Life is supporting you in every way. And when life seems to leave you in the lurch, then it is supporting you most of all. Life is nudging you to get up and out of where you have been sitting.

When life seems to let you down, it is like the way children are sometimes taught to swim. They are tossed into the water, and they learn to swim. They find themselves swimming. You have been tossed into the waters of life and are learning how to swim right now.

Life is not all about lessons, and yet life does teach you how to swim whether you want to or not.

Be grateful to life and all that you learn and all that you give. Be grateful.

Life is blessing you at every moment. Rain or shine. Life is blessing you at every moment.

You know by now that I am blessing you at every moment. Even with what may seem to be tragic to you, I am still blessing you. In the long haul, you will come to see the blessing in what you now see as tragic. In the short haul, you don't. In the short haul, it is a different story altogether. In the short haul, you tend to wind up saying, "How can this be? How can God do this to me? How can God allow this to happen?"

You are in a stream of evolution. Best to swim with the tide and not against it.

You do not have to protest against life and its hurdles so much. Best just to swim over the hurdles and not look back. Don't investigate. Don't hesitate to leap across deeper waters. Do not hesitate.

What is in front of you is in front of you. You may not like it, yet you are being offered a generous leap in consciousness. Accept it and move on. Move forward. There is nothing else to do. Nothing else to do that serves you, that is.

Whatever obstacle life serves you, it frees you. You are freed from something. It is better to be free than bound. Unbind yourself from whatever has held you back in life.

It is okay to change. Willingly or unwillingly, you have to anyway. Willingly or unwillingly, you have to go along with the changes in life. You cannot change the changes back. This is not a surprise. It was always so. What else is there for you to do but go along? Catch up with life. Don't drag your feet. Protesting amounts to dragging your feet. Stubbornness avails you not. Be amenable to life.

Say, "Okay, God. I will get on with it. I will walk forward into life. I am enamored with life, and I look forward to the next installment. Thank You for preparing me for what is to come. Thank You for opening my eyes and my heart. Thank You for helping me behold life as the gift You created it to be. I know I am in a play. I am one of the characters in a play. And I play my part. And, yet, my part can change. I can change from a scaredy-cat to a tall hero. I do not always have to play the same character. I can open the windows of my life. I can move from one scene to another. I can slam doors or close them quietly. I can be all You gave me to be. Thank You."



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