Heaven #4027 Come to Another Layer of Self-Discovery

You question everything. Why do you question? What difference does all your questioning make? Why do you have to know all that you think you have to know? When you find out, then there is another question that gets in line. You go around in circles.

Now circles are all right. Circles are mostly better than straight lines. Yet My children have the tendency of wanting to get everything straight. You may have to give up on getting everything straight. Getting everything straight is an operation of the intellect, and the intellect, as you know, is never satisfied. It goes onto the next question.

Questions aren't bad, yet there can be an overload of questions, and a forgetting of what questions serve. Again, we come back to the idea that you want a map of life. Even if you were able to make one, it would be out of date the moment you finished it, or even before. This is another way of saying that there are no limits to life. And yet a part of you may say: "That's how it is, yet that's not how I want it to be."

In a way, all your investigation is like putting your head in the sand. You skirt the real issues. You get caught in a trap you set, the idea that you not only have to know everything but also that you have to understand everything. Your very understanding may well be a limit that you set. Even your understanding has growing to do, and, yet, it is a self-imposed requirement that you have to understand.

Understand that there is nothing you have to know. Probably all that you know is a misunderstanding. It is incomplete knowledge. It can only be incomplete because there is always more and more. There is no top, and there is no depth. There is no end. There is no culmination. Life processes itself. There is always more to discover.

Come to another layer of self-discovery. The intellect is not it. Discovery outside of you has its limits. Discovery within you has no limits, for there are no limits to you. You are an unlimited Being who has set limits upon yourself.

In life, you have to move ahead without knowing. There are no foregone conclusions. They cannot be counted on, that is. And so now I ask you, why do you think you have to know the answers before you embark on a course? You are on a path of discovery, and that means you discover. There is no guidebook for this.

You don't always have to be right. You don't always know what is right anyway even when you think you do.

Life flows, and you are in the stream of it. You can swim, of course. You do swim, and yet there is a tide that you swim in. You don't always want to swim upstream against the tide. If you do swim upstream more than you sail downstream, what is it you would be trying to prove? As captain of your own ship, you don't look to fight the tide.

Your course of life has been written in your heart. The heart leads you to shore. Your heart makes progress in leading you to the land of your dreams. Progress comes from your heart. Motion is not necessarily progress. Keeping busy does not mean progress.

Sometimes, beloveds, take a chance and float on the ocean of life, and see where it takes you. It will always take you to Me. One way or another, you and I are destined to meet in conscious awareness, and We will celebrate.



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