Heaven #4040 Peace Unto Your Heart

Come, enter My Heart of Being. My heart is still. My heart is full-blown, and it is still. My heart reverberates the whole created world, so powerful is the beat of My heart, and yet My heart is still. "Hush," says My heart. "Hush."

I tell your heart to slow down. Your heart does not have to be at a peak. Make your heart calm like Mine. The more quiet your heart, the more powerful. A happy heart isn't jumping up and down. Jumping up and down can get tiring. I am thinking of your heart, how you move it every which way, delighting in excitement. Give your heart some peace. Your heart does not have to race. It's possible you have thought that your heart is to beat madly, as if your heart were a horse you urge on.

Beloveds, let your heart be a horse in pasture, nibbling on grass, laid-back rather than incited. Your heart can love best in a state of least excitation. I have seen you spurring your heart on. "Giddyap," you say. "Giddyap." And now I tell you to nuzzle your heart and say: "Beautiful Heart, stay still a while. Come, let's go to the green pastures and idle a while. No more spurs for you, My darling heart. Heart, if you were my girlfriend, I would say: 'Let's sit out this dance.'"

So rest your weary heart. It has been jumping up and down a lot, running here, running there, running everywhere.

I never said for your heart to rest from love. I am saying, "Rest your heart in love. Rest your heart in the peace of love."

Love is not meant to be a speeding roller coaster. Love is more like an easy pace on a bicycle. Calm your heart. Give it permission to put its feet up for a while. You have, perhaps, been egging your heart on.

Rest your mind as well. We could say that your mind is the whip that lashes at your heart. Your mind has perhaps forgotten about nice, easy, quiet love, love that sits back and enjoys itself. Your mind has been like a mad driver who whips your heart to go faster. Obliging heart will go faster, and yet your heart can use some good settling down, taking a respite from excitement, taking a cigarette break as it were.

Let your heart lie on the grass awhile. Let it look up at the stars and count them. Let it see the moon and the stars in their alliance and communication.

If the heart were your digestion, give it time to digest.

Say to your mind every once in a while, "Back off." In that way, protect your heart.

My heart is within yours, so there is no shortage of love. There is no time limit on love, no need for hurry, no deadlines to meet. Your heart has all the time in the world to unfold itself, to show its bright colors, to dance upon the hills, to drink from the stream, to climb trees, to sit and chew grass.

What is your heart for? What must it accomplish today but to be in peace?

You heart isn't meant to be spectacular. It is meant to be a simple heart of love, a heart that gives itself love. Be loyal to your heart. You have One Heart, and it is Mine. Treasure My heart, and keep life simple, not complex. Peace unto your heart.


kay 23rd December 2011 11:28 am

I love this. Thank you, Gloria. It speaks to my heart.


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