Heaven #4097 A Palace of Hearts

If you would accept that you are loved - if ten percent of the people on Earth would accept that they are loved -- all the troubles of the world would disappear in an instant. Nothing would be able to stand up against the power of such love. I can hear the hum of all that love now, and Earth would instantly rise to Heaven. Earth would be rocked to its very foundation, and rise like love. Love is the most powerful arrow you carry in your quiver. You have forgotten.

Notice that I said if you would accept that you are loved. I didn't say if you could accept. You do have a choice. It is your choice. It was your choice to adopt the idea that love is a rare quantity. It was your choice to accept that you had to fend for yourself in a world of woe, that you had to protect yourself, defend yourself, and so you built a moat around the castle of your heart, a moat of coolness, a moat of wariness.

And, like the world, you bantered about details, and put details and facts and laws and emotions before the Greatness of Love itself. Love often came last. Everything else had to be considered first. You forgot that love supersedes all the arguments you placed before it. You made love come last in the scheme of things and felt vindicated.

Let love come first. Let love beat all. Love will win any day. The one who gives love is the winner. He wins the day. He wins love. He steps out of the fray and gives love, and he comes to know love from the depth of his heart.

Love is the cushion of life. It is a cradle, and within that cradle, everyone is nourished. Within that cradle, love is not taken away. It is not denied. It is not scolded. Let love be for everyone, given and received. Let love be honored. And when you are honored and when you give honor, wherever you are becomes a Palace of Hearts.

What if teachers loved and made it easy for their classes to love? What if schools were schools for love? What if love were a daily occurrence at school? If everyone felt loved, love would be empowered, and everyone would give love. It would be easy to give love. There would be love of learning and love of giving, and all would be love.

Life can be like this in the world. It will be this. What is going to be will be, and, yet, why wait? What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for someone else? Tarry no longer. The time for love is now. Love is dawning right now. Pull up the shades on the window of your heart and join in the march of love.

There are rays of love from Heaven. That is the golden ladder you climb. As you climb, you will see that the whole populace of the world is following you. Follow the leader. The leader in love is you. The leader in love is your heart. All depends upon your heart. I depend upon your heart to restore the world to its rightful place. I look to you. I look to you as the savior of your own heart.

There is no heart but Mine, and I have entrusted My heart to yours. Rally with Me, and We will walk down the lane of Heaven as One, surrounded by love and beauty, fostered by the love in beating hearts of all.

It is a little thing to love really. A big thing has been made of a little thing. A big thing has been made of it because reasons were given to withhold it. Reason has no reason. Love is the reason for everything. Love is all. When will this become common knowledge and become the lay of the land? I am asking you. I have been waiting for you. I think you have been waiting for Me. We do this together. Be My angels. Let Us be a band of angels. Let Us forfeit greed and suffering. Let Us give them up. Let Us choose love instead. There is no other choice really. This is so plain to see, and, yet, it has been ignored. A blind eye has been turned toward love as if everything else had to precede it, as though there were a law that required you to prove yourself worthy of love before you could give it or get it.

The world has been backward, and now, because of you, the world is righting itself.



George Monta 14th February 2012 4:07 pm

You have a way Sweet Gloria of making the hurts into love packets of wisdom. I am more grateful than ever. Really.


LordJesusChrist 15th February 2012 4:19 am

The Good Force be with you!
Many thanks for your wonderful message! Let God's Love always be in our Palace of Hearts! Happy Valentines Day!
Live forever and prosper! Alleluia! Amen! ******* My Good Wisdom
:thumbs: :angel: :coolsmiley :smitten:


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