Heaven #4163 All God's Love

You who are reading this want more of Me, and this is just as it is meant to be. You want All of Me. You want Me in every breath. You want Me consciously. That you know you have Me around the clock isn't enough. You want to feel it indelibly. You want to know My Presence always, without fail, not some, not a little, not even a lot, for you want 100% awareness of Me. You want what can be called Total Bliss.

I want you to have it too. I want you to know Me like no one else. I want you to know the love that I give you. I want you to carry the awareness of My love with you every second of your life on Earth.

If you desire this for yourself, and I desire this for you, why, then, don't you have it? Why aren't you tripping over My love and falling into it? What prevents this?

All My love is not out of your reach, yet it is out of your perception. All that is needed is for you to fathom the depth and heights of My propulsion of love. So, then, what prevents your perception of this that all of life receives and is made of? Something intervenes. Something blocks your heart or blocks your vision or blocks this amazing reverberation of My love. You sense it every now and then, and you want to keep it, and yet your sense of it doesn't stay. Then you feel out on a limb.

It is like receiving a great inheritance and having it all before you. And then you can't find it. You may almost think it is better not to have had it, and then you would not feel the loss of it.

Beloveds, I am heaping love upon you every instant of relative life. There is not a millisecond that I withhold My love, and, yet, you consciously experience it not. Only on a rare occasion do you experience the fullness of My love pouring into your heart, beat after beat, waves of My love taking precedence over everything else, waves of My love lifting you up, alighting you in Heaven in your awareness.

You do not know how to attribute these highs when you have them.

You didn't do anything differently. You weren't aware of more of an opening, yet, suddenly, the sun bursts through, and there is no explaining the sunburst of My love.

It cannot be explained. It cannot be described. It can only be.

The fact that you have this always and yet cannot feel it always is disconcerting. There is a party going on, and, somehow, you are unable to attend. You just can't get in. You can be on the outskirts looking in, yet you are unable to dance at the party.

You don't have a key to fit this door, yet every now and then, the door opens by itself. Alas, it closes again. What opens this door that seems not to have a key?

It doesn't come according to your actions any more than it comes from your will.

What wind pushes the door open then? You wonder if you have to deserve My love, and if you are found wanting. Certainly, you want Me. You wonder perhaps if it is that you don't want Me enough?

It is none of these. You deserve constant awareness of My love. My love for you is not dependent upon your behavior. It is not something you have to work for. It is your due. There are no limits to it. All My love is yours. It is meant for you, and I give it. Your firsthand experience with My love is not dependent upon anything because it is all already yours. And yet you do not experience My Great Love on demand or even by wish or by intention. What then prevents you from having this experience you so desire and do not have to earn?

I do not withhold it. I do not withhold it by whim or for any reason.

And, yet, how can it be that you do not have awareness of My love every single moment of the day?

I have told you more than once that there are no limits to you. What, then, is limiting your experience of My love?

If I'm not, and you're not, what then is?

If there is no time, how can it be timing? How can all of My love be yours, and yet you can't pick it up?

Receiving this undeniable love is not of your doing. It is not from your success nor is it from your lack of success. You are not to fault yourself. One thing, beloveds, is to not desire it so much. You don't have to have the experience even of that which is already yours and is meant for you wholly. It will come. In the relative world, you don't have to have it in your hand. Keep desire. Let go of attachment to the desire. Let My love enter your consciousness when it does. Let it surprise you. Let it be your Lodestar, and you will come to have the awareness you seek. You will know Our True Love, and you will know it always. You will know it better than anything you know now.


George Monta 18th April 2012 11:23 am

Beloved Gloria:
I've been a bit ill, and also with my new wife doing sweet things that kept me away from my computer. This morning I checked this site and THERE you were. I was blessed, pleased and surprised. I loved reading God's Word that was so beautiful here. Thanks precious friend.



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