Heaven #4232 The Stirrings of Enlightenment

You may be feeling zapped, run ragged, overwhelmed, yet what you are experiencing may be the stirrings of enlightenment. Of course, to become enlightened, to be aware of it, naturally the dark that blocks it has to go. You have all the light in Heaven in you right now, only the dark has to go. And what is the dark that hovers over you, beloveds? It is the past. It is residuals of the past, conclusions from the past, pictures of the past that you hold onto. The past is begging you to let go of it. It has had its day. You are to live in this day, this day right here.

When you are caught up in the past, consciously or unconsciously, it is like you are hanging onto a cliff, holding on with your fingertips. You are waiting for an axe to fall. A dark shadow from the past, even when you are unaware of it, cries out that you are in danger, and so you feel endangered, and so you hang onto the cliff of the past as though it were a safety net or a friend who is raising an alarm and shouts, "Fire, fire!"

It is not necessary to recall past heartache and so feel fear. Draw charm to your life instead. Draw good will. Draw love. Embrace life instead of fearing it, dreading it, waiting for an unknown unseen axe to fall. Make an end to this.

Take a deep breath and be revitalized by life. Engage with life. You may have been clutching at straws, beloveds, when, all the while, you have the whole Universe surrounding you.

Loved ones will leave their bodies, and you, too, will one day, by and by. Have no fear of it. It is good to come Home. It is a blessing.

By the same token, it is a blessing to be alive on Earth. Be a greeter of life rather than a fearer or postponer of life.

Your great imagination causes fear in you. Let the same imagination cause joy in you. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. The food you have before you right now is the food for you. Do not imagine its absence. Do not sacrifice what is before you with a meal that has not yet arrived. Your mother told you to eat the food before you. And I tell you to engage with the life that is before you right now.

You do not have to wrestle with life. You are bigger than life, and you don't have to grapple with it. Be a welcomer rather than a grappler. Do not await problems and do not go over past difficulties. There is nothing out there that is out to get you.

You are paddling in a canoe. Just keep paddling. There is no need for you to have wary thoughts. You are not paddling toward a huge Niagara Falls where you and your canoe will fall off. You are paddling down a stream. Paddle, paddle. See what is here and not all the possibilities of what might be down the bend.

Today the sun is shining. Why worry today about whether the sun will shine tomorrow? Why worry at all? What does it gain you? You may think worry keeps you safe from danger, yet worry keeps you from joy today. Be a joy-monger and not a trouble-monger. Your thoughts have a vibration. What vibration do you want? Call that vibration to you. Your thoughts are vibrations. There is much less risk in choosing high vibrations than low ones.

Put aside your fears. Enter life. Deliver it.



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