Heaven #4267 The Emblem of the Heart

Let Us be today as though today is a holy day, a whole day meant for appreciation of what life brings. And, so, We set a tone to Our day and Our life, Our life together in each moment of Eternity.

My life is your life. Your life is My life. As We set out on our adventure of today, We bear in mind Our Oneness and Our Wholeness. Even if today looks like any other day, it will be a day of a different dimension because We set out together in Our awareness and because We anticipate a Day of Wholeness, Holiness, a Day of Value Supreme.

You set the tone of your day. Set it from on High.

Set a tone of joy, for what can Wholeness be but joy? And so you set a timer, so to speak, for joy. And joy it is. In the trickle of each moment, joy to you and joy to the world. Even if it happens that the day brings you some sadness, perk up and know that, even as time does not exist, it appears to come in little packets of seconds. Each second, you move along. What occurred the last second, here is a new second. The past second is gone even as it never existed, and a new platform appears. Let not what occurred a second ago in world terms linger in your heart. It is past. There is new joy to come in this new eager second. Take it. Take joy. It is yours.

When every second is new, the last second and your reaction to whatever it held, are not permanent parts of you.

What I am suggesting is that you start to measure time in Eternity. Eternity does not take long. Eternity is this one second that We share whatever life may bring. Whatever your feelings about life this second, you don’t have to feel the same way the next second.

How can forever last only a second, you wonder. Eternity is timeless. It does not last even a second. There are not even seconds in Eternity. No time, no seconds. Yet, as you move forward in life, there is no past for, like time itself, the past is only a concept. Change your concept. Renew your joy in joy. In this very so-called second of non-time, We are Everything, and We have Everything at the same non-time that We require nothing, nothing at all but the love in Our hearts, and what more joy is there than that?

We are Being. We are Beings of Love. We are not Doers of love. We ARE love. We are eternal Beings of love. We occupy no space either because space does not exist. No space, no time, and yet We occupy the world with love, for what else matters?
Keep My love close to your heart. Let the emblem of the heart be your signpost. Leave your heart everywhere in the imagined time/space package you seem to live in. You have a love-drenched heart. Your heart, yes, your heart, is soaking in love and rising in love and crossing the imagined Universe in love, and it takes not even one second, for this is the true Eternity that you live and love in.

It is not necessary to love this one and that one. That is too finite. Just love. Make your decision to love. Objects are incidental. Love itself is the subject and requires no object. The subject of life on Earth is love. If life is a school you go to, the subject is love. The name of the school is love. The people who go to the school are love, and there is nothing else to matriculate in this but love, love handed to you by My hand, My love slipped into your heart, Our love entwined into a beautiful gift from Heaven that you present to the seeming world before you.