Heaven #4294 The True Meaning of Namaste

True gratitude is love. If love is dependent upon a gift or a particular act, then it isn't love. True love is true gratitude. When you are grateful that someone exists, then that is love. We are cutting to the chase.

You haven't quite known what love is. Yes, of course, there can be mad passion. Yes, of course, you can objectify your love onto another, thinking for a while that that is love.

Love is when you are simply grateful that the person before you is before you. And when the person is not before you, you are grateful that he or she exists. Most likely they have been generous to you. Most likely they help you believe in yourself. That is something to be grateful for, that someone does see you as you truly are.

Before you get too serious about gratefulness, there has to be glad and grateful. Absolutely, we are not talking about gratitude that should be but rather about the gladness that is. It isn't that the person has to shower anything on you, yet the person recognizes you, knows who you are, and the light he is or shines from his eyes is all you ask.

It is great thing when someone sees you as you are. To be grateful is a great thing. To love is a great thing.

We are not talking about words now, you understand. What We are talking about is above and beyond words. We are not talking about a phrase. We are talking about love that withstands ordinary life. We are not talking about a particular expression of love. We are talking about the true meaning of Namaste. Even if it is only for a moment, you get a taste of what I, God, am like, and you get a taste from a human being who rises about the ordinary statutes of life.

Gladness is what makes a good teacher. Blessed are the teachers in the world who see a spark of light in the children under their care. The child can be an itch, it doesn't matter. The teacher takes a certain delight in the child. Antics are one thing. The true heart is another.

When someone takes delight in you, something in you is awakened. Gratitude is awakened. A touch of love is awakened.

How surprised My children are when others go out of their way for them. Hurray for these humble cheerleaders who rise above daily life and so raise you above the picture of yourself that you may have been holding, that frayed black and white picture of yourself, perhaps the bad boy in the corner.

When you do something from the goodness of your heart, it's something you want to do and have to do. It is not what another might say is yours to do. When you give for the pure joy of it and someone thanks you, and you say, "It's a pleasure," mean it. Mean what you do and mean what you say.

How grateful are My children for a crumb of love. Beloveds, take that crumb and break it in half and give it to another.

Too long have many in the world been without a scrap of love. Be a rag-dealer of love then. Then you know that you are a rag-dealer only in disguise. You are a King in disguise. You have a treasure-chest of fabulous jewels. These jewels are named love. I, God, give you love because I take joy in giving you love. And now you remember My love and that you are chosen to disburse it.


amylove 28th August 2012 12:03 am

Right on! Infinite love and gratitude.

Satya 28th August 2012 2:20 pm

Namasté! : )


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