Heavenletter #5071 A Rose in Eternal Bloom

Everyone is a poet. What I am, you are. We keep coming back to this. Everyone is an artist. Everyone swims in the Ocean of God. Everyone is a swimmer. Everyone is everything. Everyone is a sailor, a landlubber, a pilot. Everyone rides a ferry boat back and forth. Everyone is a champion. Everyone is everything. No exceptions. Everyone is a good guy, and everyone may wear a different hat here and there. Everyone is a Creator.
Your life is a fantastic creation. Who could have thought of this that We call your life? All the ins and outs. All the meetings, and all the departures. Anything can happen in life, and often does to your delight or to your dismay.
Life is long stretches and short spans. Life is remembering and forgetting. There isn’t anything that life is not. It is hilarious, and it is, also, from your timid point of view, horrific. It is a mixed bag, but is it really? Whatever you make of anything in life, it all goes down the chute anyway. Life in the world is momentary. Everything flashes before you, and everything is gone.
Real life, however, is a different story. Real Life doesn’t switch into varying channels. Real life is Stillness. You can hardly grasp Real Life, the Truth of Life, the Beingness of Life. Steady, steady is the Rudder of Real Life. Call Me God, the Rudder, if you like. Call Me Whale, if you like, as you dip in and out of the water. Call Me a Rose in Eternal Bloom, for life blooms continuously. Day or night, life blooms, and you are a petal of the rose, and you add sweetness to My Existence. I exist in you, and you exist in Me. What a delightful venture We are on, this life of the Waves in the Ocean.
You have tides in your life, and I give you glad tidings. I am always saying hello. I can always hear you, do you hear Me? Do you hear what I say? Follow My Voice. Dance to My song. Follow the notes of My song. Do not plead ignorance any longer. You are not ignorant. You are All-Knowing, for I know all. Many of your questions are blind questions. They are fakes. You like it this way.
You are starting a new leaf in the Valleys and Mountains of Life. You set out on a new life. There has been a time warp, and you are just beginning to get the hang of it. Ahoy on the High Seas.
Avast on the High Seas! New life coming up. It is coming up for the joy of it. With your bare hands, you are making life anew. You are embarking on a new journey. You take the wheel in your hands. You are more conducive to life and better at it.
You hold the flag of life before you. You are the Marcher of Life, and you lead the way. You witness the March of Your Life. You play it out. You play it to the hilt. Nothing bars your way. You spin a circle, and this is how you present life, and how life presents itself to you.
Now you romance life. You are no longer timorous about life. You are ready to take on life now. You wrest it in your hands. You toss it up, and you catch it.
You come before Me ready for whatever twists and turns life may bring. You are becoming a handy-dandy player in the field of life. Because of you, a whole new field has opened up for you to play in. What an innovator you have become. What an artist. What a developer of life. What a Lover of Life and Enhancer of the Whole Wide World that is spread before you in a Moment of Eternity.


kay 14th October 2014 9:49 pm

Stunningly beautiful, Gloria.

spiritdiver 16th October 2014 1:04 am

What a beautiful message you bring from God. Thank you both for offering your light, to better illuminate it in me.


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