Heavenletter #5313 Earthquake in Kathmandu

Chetan wrote on the Heavenletter Spiritual forum on May 7, 2015 ....

"God says nothing is an accident. Last week we had a terrible earthquake in Kathmandu. God, please tell us how to prevent such tragedies."

God answered:

Beloved Chetan, first of all, you write with love in your heart for mankind as a whole. I applaud you.

At the same time, there are some presumptions here. You believe in your presumptions. You accept your presumptions as if they are fact. You do not question them. You do not even consider looking at them any other way for even one moment. So is the world.

What is a fact is that the whole world seems to share your assumptions. And these presumptions or assumptions are judgmental.

Everyone on Earth is sure that an earthquake is terrible. It looks terrible to you. You and all human beings on Earth are not philosophical about what occurs that you wish would not. Earthquakes certainly seem to create terror. And you are sure that earthquakes and death and such shake-ups are tragedies. They look like tragedies, and people cry, and you are convinced it is a tragedy. An earthquake comes as a shock, not just a surprise, and so it is called a terrible thing, a tragedy of great magnitude.

The death of one person, even when expected, to those who love this person, it is a tragedy. No doubt, death is hard to fathom. When has death, as viewed in the world. ever been anything but a terror? A loved one (or even you) is whisked away. Everyone argues with death. You would debate it. How do you not know that death is a blessing?

I do not tell you that you have to see differently and feel differently. You cannot turn your tears on and off as if you had a spigot to turn. Nor do I tell you that a belief system has to be undone at the bat of an eye.

Your suffering from an earthquake heaped upon innocent people, even when you are not personally involved, feels real, looks real - your heart aches just the same as if it were real, and you are convinced that earthquakes are bad and lack redeeming qualities.

The crux of all suffering is that you believe in loss. You do not know how to unbelieve in loss. There are so many kinds of perceived loss, perhaps a limitless list. Everyone is afraid of loss unless it is loss of a headache or acne or overweight.

Young children make a game of perceived loss. They practice loss when they play peek-a-boo. The thing with peek-a-boo is that the perceived loss is not true. With your eyes covered, something that was there no longer appears to be there. It is temporarily just hidden from view.

Peek-a-boo has a happy ending. Once hands are taken away from the eyes, or the sister or brother come out from behind a tree, the child discovers that what seemed to be gone was really there all the time. And the child laughs.

You would give up the sense of loss if only you knew how.

Please understand that I know what I say is not making what you call a tragedy any less of a tragedy to you and everyone else. Of course, I know that. May someone find some comfort in what I say. I speak with all the love in My heart, and that is considerable.

There is also the statement I have made that there is no cause and effect. This simply is not your experience. When you have a fork you are holding up in the air, and you let go of it, it will drop to the floor.

If there is Infinity, and, in Reality there is no past or future or time whatsoever, there is an Infinity of Existence. Being does not break up into time or experience or cause and effect.

If We wish to talk about the accepted reality of life in the world and that something caused the earthquake and heartache and loss of lives, property, and the world in Nepal as it was known, then We could say that the world in Nepal was filled to bursting with the entire consciousness of everyone in the world. All the hot air burst in Nepal at that time the way a nail’s making a hole in a tire would make the tire burst. The whole world did not explode. The hot air burst through in one location. An earthquake is like a safety measure.

It is not a new thought that everyone is responsible to everyone for everything. Remember that responsibility does not mean blame. Erase blame.

An earthquake helps people to think twice. With enough love given and received on Earth, so much hot air will not arise. We can call anger and accusations and put downs of others as fostering hot air. Don’t rail against the world. Lift it. Love it. Have and give happiness.

Through the desire of human hearts to help their brothers and sisters, earthquakes also bring people together. Love and courage grow, and Oneness is on the rise.

Beloved Chetan, you who so graciously asked this sincere question for the benefit of all, you also saw the possibility that there do not have to be earthquakes. I ask you and everyone to keep looking for greater possibilities.

Love, God



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