Heavenletter #5490 Singing the Blues

When life, as it appears, becomes too much for you, rest and keep on, rest and keep on.

Everything is changing in the world. You are going to change. Your world is going to change. Life in the world does not stay still.

Even a beautiful sunrise does not stay still. A sunrise rises in an instant. A minute ago it wasn’t a full sunset. Half the sun was still beneath the horizon. Now it is a full sun. The sun keeps rising. In a few minutes the sun is so bright in the sky that you can see the sunlight and its reflection sparkling brightly, and a glimpse of the outline of the sun is not to be seen.

Then at night the sun will sink beneath the horizon again and will not be seen at all. Yet it is certain that the sun is still awake. The sunrise may be on the other side of world. The sun will come up again on your side of the world.

And so is happiness, and so is ease, and so is peace. These qualities are always here waiting to arise, the same way you wait for them eagerly. Hark to the sunrise. The Earth's sun always rises.

You can know that sun's dawning is imminent. The sun doesn't let you down. At this moment, may you, rise to meet the sun. Be here to greet the sun as it comes to greet you.

The sun is always waiting for you. When it is night, the sun is still here. When it is raining, the sun follows the rain in confidence. Be you like the sun and rise. Keep on rising.

No matter how dour life may feel to you in a particular moment, life itself is like the sun as it rises to you. Welcome happiness to rise in you. Give happiness permission to be the sun in your heart. Do you really want to be a crosspatch in your heart? You can do without somberness. Your heart is not meant for dragging. Paste on a smiley instead. Why, you can smile and smile big. Smile, even if you have to be the first to smile. Smiles are the heart’s sunshine.

Give out that which you desire to receive. If you seek encouragement, then encourage others' hearts. Put a bouquet of flowers into someone’s heart. Then see how you feel, and notice your life and the moves it makes. Who are you to aggravate about the state of your heart.

You are not meant to aggravate about the state of your heart when you are to be a Lighter of Hearts. Downturned faces do not inspire overtures. Be the sun that shines.

No grousing. Count your blessings. The truth is you can’t count high enough. Let go of the sense of being deprived. This is a turning point. Get off the track you have been on. Pull up the shades. Put a brake on complaint. Uphold joy.

Change yourself, and the world before your very eyes.

What would you do with yourself all day if you didn’t have fault to find and complaints to make? You might be at a loss. This kind of loss is meritorious. This kind of loss makes you a winner. Yes, try being at a loss. Blow a kiss to the Universe instead.

Say, “Thanks,” instead of, “Goldarn it, not again.”

Be a pauper when it comes to the downside. Be upbeat. Set yourself straight. Be on the side of good nature. Depend upon yourself for your happiness rather than expect others to make your cheeks rosy. Make strides. Your time is coming. Get ready for it. Get ready for it now and not later. This is what you are to do when you have been singing the blues.



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