Heavenletter #5751 To Every Dream, There Is a Purpose

Believe in your dreams. Believing in your dreams helps to bring your dreams into existence.

Generally speaking, you don't just sit there and wait for your dreams to come true. At the same time, first, you build your dreams through your dreaming of them. First there is the dream. Then there is desire for the dream that grows within you. Let your desire continue to blossom within you. Follow your dreams. You dream your dreams for a reason.

There may be years before your desire to achieve the dream rises beyond your dreaming of it. Your dream may well be a desire planted that takes many years before it begins to blossom and it moves beyond your dreaming of it.

Sometimes you might forget your dream, yet it was planted, and the dream starts to rise of its own accord. It is like your dream has a mind of its own. You might not even be able to say you asked for your dream. It came.

It is like you are meant to have that dream, and it is through you that the dream comes to fruition. Bear in mind that a dream originates from deeper than your thought. We might even call dreams, bidden or unbidden, your Destiny showing up.

So long as a dream continues to stir within you, nourish it. You don't have to talk yourself into a dream anymore than you have to talk yourself out of it. Have your dreams while you have them. Dreams come from somewhere.

This is not to say that all your dreams must absolutely come true. One dream may lead to another. In any case, there is great value in dreaming dreams that may not even come true. There is no telling what dreams will lead to a path of fulfillment.

Never mind if the world calls you a dreamer. Let them.

It is not exactly that you alone are the fulfiller of your dreams or that your dreams are your possession.

Others' dreams may also play a part. More than one person dreamed of flight. Da Vinci dreamed of taking off from Earth through mechanical means. His dream came true at a different time in the world. Dreams belong to the world.

The deeper your desire, the more energy you may have to make it come true. At the same time, dreams may fly away from you and land somewhere else. You are not duty-bound for your dreams to come true. There is something far greater going on when it comes to your dreams.

Nor does this mean that a dream is ever wasted. A dream does not have to manifest in order to be worthwhile. You do not have to manifest a dream for the dream to be worthwhile. Your contribution of desiring the dream may fulfill its role.

What exactly is meant when speaking about desiring a dream to come true? Many little boys desire to be firemen. Not all boys will become firemen. No one is obliged to become fireman. There can be a dream and another dream after that. Dreams open up hearts.

Sometimes someone has dreams come true that he or she were not aware that they had. It may seem that it is almost by chance that a dream started to realize itself before the realizer of the dream knew. And some of My children come close yet not quite close enough.

It is fantastic to have dreams come true, yet dreams do their thing even when they don't come true or come true through you. Sooner or later in the world, dreams find their place somewhere sometime.

Value exists in the process. Yes, dreaming, which is envisioning, is a process. It is a creative process.

Welcome your dreams. See where they take you. Go for your dreams. Dreams are like stars in the sky. Some stars are not yet visible to the human eye, yet the stars nevertheless exist. All dreams have their Truth and serve their purpose. Dreams exist before they arise. Honor the dreams you pluck from the Universe. You serve them, and they serve you. May you bless and be blessed with dreams.


zorro 25th August 2016 10:58 am

Have you ever typed out an html address only to go back and delete it and then type a new address over the position of the old? Well, sometimes when you click on that new address the old link still comes up on the page. You are "stacking" an overlay. You need to type it again on a clean line.

Sometimes the process of realizing our dreams nececessitates something known as"psychological retrocausality". You go back to the time line where you think you were blocked and you visualize a different outcome, an outcome, which is different and changes everything going forward. Retrogrades are not just for planets. But on a greater scale, for consciousness to change. Consciousness, time, and creation are all dynamic and in flux. If we are writing a new success story over an old overlay we are stacking for failure. Fortunately, we have a PSI ability that can see right through this and correct things and is in no way limited to back, forward, or present. It doesn't matter what happened before, we are still in the driver's seat vis-a-vis are own dreams and manifesting.

spiritdiver 26th August 2016 9:02 pm

Yeah Zorro. Totally get, and have experienced what you are expressing. Even just today I was thinking just the same. I walked by a dream I used to carry and felt this very thing. It could happen now, or I let it go this time around.

What God's message reads for me that pwtsonally experiencing this power although it is a gift, s blessing ti be realized in us is not only the message.

The point I picked up is not so much in the power of our manifesting (as we do have this capability) no question there. But the message goes beyond that, just as our dreams go beyond that, and time. It is about the unity of expetiencing love and share. Just because we dream alone, the purpose is recognized somewhere, some how, all the time by someone.

This was the line that really hit me...

spiritdiver 26th August 2016 9:04 pm

"Dreams open up hearts."

That is the beautiful key.

spiritdiver 26th August 2016 9:26 pm

Zorro, you said:

"if we are writing a new success story over an old overlay we are stacking for failure."

I have experienced quite the opposite, actually.

It has precisely been in going through similar emotional experiences that have caused deep wounds, where offered by its Cross may be scary, yet the re-engaging of same pattern, finds the very same door, that reopens to the heart.

Only in this way i find you actually release and find forgiveness and acceptance. Truely, finally healing. And, to walk through that door. The key, allowing dreams again, we share through our offer of giving and receiving; love.

zorro 26th August 2016 10:28 pm

In reality, there is most like no "only in this way" to any of this and didn't mean to trigger that. Thank you for considering my viewpoints and taking the time express yours. I think there is plenty of room for many experiences with overlays, and grateful for your thoughts on this.

cyndy 27th August 2016 8:49 am

Spirit Diver and Zorro, listening to your conversation and appreciating. I have too much to add and nothing to add all at the same time?!?!
I am so glad you (Zorro) defined overlay as it took me into what you were saying and I have used the word overlay personally for me when I meet someone or show up in a certain place and can feel me in that place or with that person from a different lifetime. I call it an overlay. It's like I am in the present with this overlay of past. I actually felt like I was walking in Roman times once when on a walk and came upon this group of buildings.
I actually enjoy those experiences so much and also the clarity of," this was from a past life. " Perhaps it anchors dreams for me.
Thanks to you both for your words of expression.

spiritdiver 27th August 2016 11:46 am

"You need to type it again on a clean line."

Yes! Get to 0 Point. From a stand point of complete release, letting go.

Not sure if I intentionally did this, but I have seen this work in my life.

I get your offering Zorro. I guess what I was responding to was the 'failure' word.

I believe all is of purpose. Even those things in the present that may seem of no use, in time, (maybe even beyond our time or awareness) always will be shown were of purpose and value.

spiritdiver 27th August 2016 11:49 am

In posting this last i just noticed the tittle of this article...

"To Every Dream, There Is a Purpose"

Gloria! Thank you dear Gloria

zorro 27th August 2016 2:59 pm

Thanks Spirit Diver...I saw that my unfortunate choice of wording was only triggering what I had unconsciously, perhaps, called out, and this is a great example of something profound, eh? You are right on this. It is very plain to see. Time to laugh at myself!

zorro 27th August 2016 3:17 pm

Thank you Cyndy for joining in on this. Tying this back in to the author's theme, I see am agreeing with her that dreams have tremendous value, and that there is also value in the process, which is also what I hear echoed from Spirit Diver. Some think that dreams that were missed are at some point in time are done forever. Maybe not, is a theme I am hearing in this posting. Very good to consider from all angles. Cyndy, Spirit Driver, G-L-O-R-I-A and readers, we are not just pioneers, but Comrades...Present Age Chrono-nauts! Salute!

cyndy 30th August 2016 1:00 pm

Perhaps I seem rarely on topic as I have so many tangents. I think of it, sense it, like string theory.


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