Heavenletter #6571 Timing!

Beloved, where is there you and I cannot travel to with or without an airplane as a motif? Ah, Beloved, so is it, Oneness is One. Oneness is solid, yet definitely not rigid. Hurray! Oneness is Infinity Itself. This is how, at every moment, I hold your hand, and you hold Mine. Forever is Our One Tryst, as a Valentine Card might say it is so true as can be.

I tell you one thing: You don’t go anywhere without Me, and I don’t go anywhere without you, for you are My Beloved and I am yours.

Bright, solid, mobile is this Oneness. Hallelujah! Oneness forever and ever. Ever on the same path has Oneness been sewed up and freed up in love so ardent and so singular and so beautiful.

Love comes from everywhere and anywhere.

Let Me tell you something.

When Christ first walked on water, Christ wasn’t thinking about it. When Christ first parted the seas, he wasn’t pondering it. He wasn’t debating it. When Christ first turned water into wine, Christ wasn’t asking himself: “Shall I or shan’t it?”

A need appeared, and there Christ was, walking on water, parting the seas, changing water into wine. This was Divinity. There was need. Christ was here. Christ answered a need. Filling a need is usually the act of a moment without preparation.

To walk on water isn’t a thought-out decision. The same is true for parting the seas and turning water into wine. It is a spontaneous need that the moment calls you to fulfill. It isn’t a big deal. The act arises. Before you know it, it is a done deal. It isn’t not a labor of love. It isn’t a labor at all. It is love, and it is done in the doing. It isn’t a self-conscious exercise.

If Christ had taken time to figure it out, the moment might have past. You understand an impulse. It is like eloping. You can wait too long and the moment is past. You may be swept off your feet in eloping, yet you decide it. In terms of creating a miracle, it is done before you know it, and there you are.

It is a miracle for every child to walk, to speak, to understand, and so is a baby’s first smile. It isn’t scheduled. It is opportune. The child has no planned curriculum, and how the child discerns and grows without deliberation. A child learns to stare at the stars and to respond to his mother’s voice naturally. A child doesn’t have to look up any of this in an encyclopedia or on Google.

How is a discoverer led to discovery? How is a sailor led to the sea? Instinct may even be too disciplined a word. It must be My instinct, Beloved, highly mixing and matching love and strewing it everywhere.

Nature sets the seasons, and the seasons come forth and live to display themselves as if they were patented. When a season has its joy come forth, can it be said that the season disciplined itself? It came of its own accord in the same way a child opens up his life to joy.

Suddenly, like spring, a child moves ahead. The child has not been watching the clock.

It's like this. Einstein had an inner mechanism, and so do you. Something comes on its own time. Einstein learned how to speak when he was six years old. He was a late bloomer. He must have had so much to think about before he was ready to speak. Probably he could have written books if he had known how to write or do a mathematical formula by then.

All is in its good timing, Beloved.



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