Heavenletter #6582 Get Your Project Said and Done

Beloved, there is a new readiness for Heavenletters in the air. The world is ready to eat up Heavenletters. The time has come. What are you waiting for?

If dreams are coming true, it is time to celebrate. You, in opposition to My thinking, tend to want assurances, want to be absolutely sure this is the case. You don’t want any wooden nickels. You desire immediate and full satisfaction. You want to be sure of the highest assurances. You are not the one who has to have reassurances.

Here’s the thing: Sometimes this absolutism you crave can take too long. I say it is better to have the celebration now and all the rest can scramble into existence. I say: Let’s get everything set up for the birth of the baby. It is enough that the baby is due.

Truth does not have to be manifested before a celebration of what is coming forth into the world.

There are all the signs. This is good enough for Me. This is good enough indeed. The world has been waiting long enough, too long. Life isn’t all about facts and figures.

I do not have a yen to put off a celebration. The guarantee is already in your heart. Let’s adore the full weight of this warrantee.

Let’s clear the floor and start the dance. We don’t have to plan every detail. We want to get the dance up and running. Not every detail must be in place. Yes, We want to get the decorations up. We want to have fun now and not wait longer. Who is it up to anyway? Let’s get the show on the road. Joy isn’t to be held back.

You, like Myself, have seen people fuss around too much and never get going on time. No delaying this delivery, Beloved. How does a business begin? You begin it. It begins. The proof is in the pudding. The event has been foretold. There is no celebrating too soon. The time is overdue. Here it is: The time is NOW! Tomorrow is not too soon. Deeds are not to be promoted. Deeds are to be out and about.

Stop examining where your feet are. Your feet may be behind the times. There is much to do. Where does the energy come from? The first minute, spring joy on yourself.

Whoever told you to wait. It wasn’t I. I don’t say to take all the time in the world you feel like. Then you simmer down. Who told you to simmer down? Stay lit! Have all four burners burning. Do a fast dance. Keep the fires burning.

How do you do anything? You do it. You don’t collect it. You don’t store it. Above all, you use it. You are supposed to get at it ready without further ado.

You can use up all your energy planning.

There must be a fairy tale somewhere that tells a fairy tale about never getting a deed done. Later the pep is over and the deed is not yet done. Everything is for something and not for nothing. Perhaps everyone else is waiting for everyone else like mowing the yard or shoveling the snow. We are talking about action! Let’s get this movie reel into distribution.

Of course, you have also heard that what is worth being done is worth doing well.

My slogan is different. If today something is worth doing, it is worth doing now. There isn’t time for you to be low key. Go take a vitamin if you have to. This is your day in the sun! Pull out your energy of the sun and make hay while the sun shines!



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