Heavenr #4300 Love Always

Behold, I am God. I am your Provider of Everything. Everything you have, everything you know, everything you are came from Me. I am the Source of Your Existence. Love is My Name. And that is your name as well.

We are well-named. May it be so. Love is your first name, middle name, and last name.

This, love, is your heritage. This, your Being. Love is.

In the world, it often happens that love comes last. Preoccupied with other matters, you forget that you are love. You get caught up. You snag yourself in life. You get runs in your stockings. You slip on ice. You forget your true name. You abscond without love, maybe don’t even think of it until later.

Let love be first. Let love be your environment. Let love be your mainstay. Nothing else is. Harbor love, and your ship will sail, and your ship will come in. Nevertheless, you do not love with a reason in mind. Of course, it is unreasonable not to love. To love is fundamental. Be a fundamentalist of love.

Let all your arrows be love. Love here, love there, and everywhere, for love is the Truth of Existence.

You are not only love – you are My love. You are My love circulating on Earth. You are at a Great Ball. The music played is love. The dances danced are love. Everyone is love. Not everyone knows it. Some think they are worry or woes. Where can worry and woes exist when there is love, love exultant, love sweet, love brilliantly lighting up the world, and the entire Universe, too.

What else can enter where love is but more love?

Love comes from My heart, and I have given it to you, not to squelch it, not to refrain from it but to make love from your heart a rainbow across the sky. Love, however, unlike a rainbow, does not require rain before it appears. With love, there is no rain. Love to beat the band. Love morning, noon, and night. Love ever-present. Love in the ascendant. Love the crowning glory of life. Nothing else is.

If you are given the choice of a mountain of diamonds or a cup of love, choose the cup of love. Consistently, the way a dime is worth more than a nickel, so is love worth more than anything else ever in the world. Not a jot of love is to be traded for anything else. Honesty and love go together. No fooling. Cleverness has no place with love. Cleverness ejects love. Cleverness rejects love. Cleverness dances alone and considers itself smart.

Love wins all battles. With love, there are no battles to win or to lose, because love is all, and all is love, and you are made for love and not for anything else. Anything else is less than love. You are not to accept anything less than love from yourself or from another. See love, and love will appear. Think love, and love will occur to be thought. Be love yourself, and that is enough. Love is good. Love is good enough. Love is enough, for, in truth, love is all there is, behavior not withstanding, ignorance not withstanding, anemia not withstanding.

Love is good, and you are love, and love is everything. Nothing matches love. I am talking about real love, not facsimile of love, not love parroted, not love surmised, but love in its pure essence, love inescapable, love pouring out like cream from a pitcher, love shining in your eyes. Withdraw from love? Never. Put love aside? Never. Love gets top billing. Love before all else, not later, not sometime, not once in a while. Love always.



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