Twenty-four Hour Blessing

God said:

Come to Me in your heart right now. I am sitting here, ready for you, anticipating you. Walk in. There is no door man. There is no usher. Indeed, Christ and others are arrows that point you to Me. Every man is meant to be that arrow. Follow the arrow in your heart to Me.

There is no trial period, yet you set up parameters. There is no line to wait in. You do not need to take a number. All you have to do is be here, recognize that you are here, right in the middle of the hall of My Presence.

It is not a question of How do you get here? There is no question. You are here. You do not know you are. You do not believe you are. You keep looking everywhere except where you are. You are on an ambit, looking for what you already have, You like to be a seeker. You like anticipation.

You relish the cake while it is moist in front of you, for you have experienced that, once devoured, it is no longer as wonderful.

I am the Exception. Once devoured, I am even more wonderful. No matter how delicious you may think I am, I am more. I am more and more. I never run out of good things to share with you. You reach the Supreme, and then there is more Supreme. There never is Supreme-est because there is Infinity which you see as ahead of you, another door to open -- and another.

You like that moment before you turn the knob, before you discover what treasure lies beyond. You drool for it, and yet you may skip past it to open the next door.

Open your heart, beloved. Learn to receive My twenty-four hour blessing that is upon you. You are succored in love.

Where do you wander? What diversion are you embarked on? You seek wandering. Enjoy it then. Enjoy it to your heart’s content. You want to discover a new continent. You will, soon or late, discover that you have been wandering on the very continent you are looking for, panting for, eager to discover.

But you are a hunter. You are a hunter for stars. You covet the universe, and you covet Heaven. You are connected to the stars. They are connected to you. You share the same light. You like to discover new ones and give them a name. You want to be an explorer. You explore horizons. Come, enter the palace now. Know what you are exploring.

You are exploring dimensions of yourself, well-used, but unexplored. You sit in a glade, but you do not know that it is a glade. You do not know its name, although its name is written on the map you hold in your hand. You do not know you have reached what you set out to reach. You do not know that this glade was your starting place as well. There is no ending-place. There is only realizing place.

So come to the place of realization. If you want to be self-realized, then realize what already is. Such a tiny turn of the telescope, and then you can see. Turn the telescope inward. Perhaps you have been looking too far away. You look in the distance for that which is in your heart.

The arrow you are following points to you. An arrow was shot into your heart long ago, and now you are just finding this out. The arrow has followed you. It has pierced the innermost workings of your heart. You are a seeker of that which you have already found. Find it within you to receive that which has already been given to you with love and blessing.



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