Thank You Thursday: Essence of Life

Be thankful this day for the essence of life.

What exactly is the essence of life? To articulate the explanation is best when speaking metaphorically or by examples.

When we think of the word essence, we think of it being a part of something larger than itself or the smaller core of its truest essence. Life, of course is living matter. However non-living matter contains the essence of the life from which it came. Life is energy created into animation, anything moving, breathing, serving its purpose, yet transmuted into another form still contains its living energy, the essence.

All life is transmuted. The energy of life changes from one form to another. The acts of transformation can occur at a microscopic level, both physically and spiritually. The changes in a living organism do often go unnoticed by the observer, when observed frequently. The organism undergoing the change see glimpses or feels differently during the process; however this sensation may go unnoticed or simply dismissed. The transmutation of living matter to non-living matter happens instantaneously. Our human brain thinks once we’ve up-root a tree and chops it up, it’s dead. All we have done was created a new form of life or purpose for the living matter. All we create comes from the source of living matter, only to serve a new purpose. All organic matter transmuted to inorganic matter still has traces of its life essence and times combines from other organic matter, creating new materials of matter. It's our arrogant human brain and thought patterns showing us differently.  After a life ends, it no longer exists. Energy never dies, it just changes forms.  Once this shell of a body ceases to function, then what? Our spirit still lives and is left in its true from until we decide to move forward in our spiritual life.

As living matter ourselves, we have the ability to commune with other living matter, seen and unseen. For those who have a belief system, commune with God, Creator, Source, Universe. God in essence is energy, creating energy, all the life that is; one form of life creating multiple forms of life. As energy beings in essence first, we can tap in the Source of living matter from and drawn energy from it, into our own being. We are light energy compressed into to a shell of a body. Now we are two forms a matter coexisting. We are energy and solid matter.

This is a partnership of an organism hosting our spirit; an agreement of two aliens or foreign species coming together for one common cause. The cause is to exist. In essence we both work together to exist; to live out our purpose to experience the fullness of life. Life is in existence around us, seen and unseen. Energy transmutes its state constantly from energy to mass. Currently as humans we are mass by definition, inherently we are energy giving way to the dense matter of the physical world created to be recognized or seen by others sharing this experience. However, when we are awakened we see and feel another's presence through their energy. This energy desires to seen as well. It is the fuel for the human body. Without our spirit, the humanoid will not exist. Without the energy of the creator, the spirit of us or all life in its many forms will not exist. All life energy transforms and serves a purpose. No other life form is less significant then our own. The Creator, God is in all life.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the transmutation of life to serve its purpose.
Be thankful this day and everyday to recognize the energy in all life forms.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the Creator creating and sharing their essence with us.


Sitting in stillness

Finding the light wave to carry me to an inner dimension

Allowing all to flow

Colors transmuting to blended shades of pure understanding

Energy flux creating a high point to transmute frequencies of intent

Coming to the center of it all

A new focused reality an experience on inner self   being observed

A witness baring fruit to what is

Releasing the seeds to go where to grow

Through nourishment of light

The core of all life is elevated in harmonious vibrations carrying messages reaching dimensional destinations 

Aware I’m here

Aware I’m more than physical

Aware I’m a more than spiritual

Aware I’m a whole entity

Knowing I am a full expression of self apart of all light and energy created


Greetings All,
I would like to inform you of a new chapter emerging in Thank Thursday. The chapter will be called What Are You Grateful For. This chapter will include stories from you, the Thank You Thursday audience. I plan on starting the chapter January 2011. I would like to have your permission to publish your story on my blog and hopefully a book. You may also feel free to visit this link  to share your stories. I ask that you contact me to receive the consent form before any post. Thank you for your corporation. I look forward to reading all your stories!

Be well,





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