Thank You Thursday: Fear

Be thankful this day for fear.

Fear can help us better understand the world and limitations we placed on ourselves throughout life. Once we have assimilated and released the fear(s), we are free to be who we are as individuals and collective. There are two types of fear; a fear to hinder or control us from reaching our fullest potential and the other to keep us safe. The fear of control is not of our own. It was imprinted on us from someone close to us, family or friend. The fear can even be based from a past life experience, if you believe in reincarnations.

We must remember, our fears are others' fears. We take on these fears unconsciously. This is why so many of us have the same fears. However the portrayal of these fears in the media does not help matters in releasing them. It's a perpetual cycle of fear. As children we were fearless until we got hurt, even then, we still got up and played. We didn't know what fear was. As we grew older, any form of hurt, physical, emotional or mental translated to fear, a controlling fear. This level of control, hinder us from enjoying life to fullest and damaged our soul. Life is a process of experiences meant to be enjoyed fully. Our full time job is to love ourselves and enjoy life. How do we release these fears? We have to sit with the fear to find its root. Keep asking yourself questions until the truth of the fear is reveled. Then release it and will you be able to live freely and fully in the life expression itself.

The fears to keep us safe are natural, example a fear of fire or drowning. Any fear resulting in our death is a healthy one. It shows respect to the natural elements of the earth. When we show and give off a since respect to a greater power, it is yielding to us. This creates balance in the world. There are tribes who worship Gods or Deities. They worshiped them out of fear, yet respected them. This created a controlled environment from fear, yet maintained a level of balance for which the tribe lived. When the worlds' (individual or collective) fears are in check or balance with the greater power, we create a world of yielding light and energy. We instinctively know how far to push the boundaries of life, our very own existence. These natural safe guards allow us to live in peace with the greater powers. Remember we are pure energy first, organic beings second. Keeping this in mind, we have the ability to do anything, because we are everything. Once one person changes their thought patterns and opens up their mind up endless possibilities or unfathomable capabilities, as a collective we follow suit. Through the practice of self examination, we can release our fears to truly see ourselves to become who we truly are.

Be thankful this day and everyday for assimilation of our fears to allow us to live freely.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the balance created in live in peace with ourselves.
Be thankful this day and everyday to push pass self imposed boundaries to reach your full potential to enjoy life to the fullest.

Fear This

Fear this attitude that I exude, anger confidence

Fear this you haven’t a clue of what I can do

Fear this the unknown a voice on the telephone an ex or did you forget to send that check, bill collector

Fear this lies told you’re exposed, cheater

Fear this the past your sorry ass, what’s done is done

Fear this the evil that men do you still haven’t a clue

Fear this the wrath of the divine Father, sins made lie there in a daze, repent

Fear this man made world, life problems, problem solver

Fear this lonely heart that’s been torn all apart, more than a needle and thread can sew

Fear this is what your eyes has placed before you, wake up do you have a clue

Fear this love I have question who is it for who gave it to you or was it taken

Fear this mind times kind to those who wait procrastinate

Fear this phobia pick one cynophobia, fear of dogs or are you a dog

arachnophobia the fear of spiders, what a life of lies you weave when you deceived others times even your own mother

claustrophobia a fear of enclosed places, what do you have to hide or are you

homophobic a fear of gays, Webster defines gay as being happy well if you hate me cause I’m gay, ask yourself, do I hate myself, cause to love yourself is to love everyone else

Fear this fictitious world that I created this universe where I do the do and done the deed now let’s proceed

Now Fear this acrophobia a fear of heights, fear of taking you to a higher plane a higher state of mind now that’s divine

Now Fear this your fears are someone else’s fear that can control your way of thinking your way of life your eyes speak to your mind, face value what lies beneath the exterior that’s your fear

Do you fear the end is near

Now Fear this you’re dismissed



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