Thank You Thursday: Free Will

Be thankful this day for free will.

Most people confuse free will and choice, though the two sound the same, but there is a hair line of difference. Choice is a conscious decision we make to go left or right. Free will is energy directing us to follow a predetermined path. It's not the same as following a life's path or destiny, in a life life's path you have a choice in which road to take, because you choose it. Free will is the unconscious energy you put behind the choice. Once you made the choice, which at anytime can be changed, the energy follows the flow of the conscious decision. Without free will as the momentum to carry us, we will be stagnant. Though there are times where we are stagnant, it's of our own doing. The stagnation can be caused by outside sources or simple not having trust in your own choices. This is when we learn to trust our instincts. Simply put free will is unconscious energy and un-felt emotions to guide and give our choices momentum to reach the goal of choosing.

When we speak or act out there is a moment to make a choice in what to do or say. In less than a second the act of free will translates thoughts to energy and the energy of the choice is the outcome of free will. There are those who understand this very well, those are the ones whom you can tell are thinking before they act or speak. In most cases when you regret doing or saying something it's because of a heightened emotional state or ignoring the free will or energy behind the choice.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the daily conscious decisions.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the energy directing our choices.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the momentum of life.

What it means to be free

I myself have no clue of freedom having ties to fashion technology all the modern convinces not a slave to them cause they have no control just enjoy the status they offer now music aids the change of mood I allow it to intrude my personal space as the beats feed my thirst of sensation emotional penetration

My reasoning and definition my differ from yours cause no one owns me I am my own property free from one sided relationships me being the giver obsessed ones too as I take what was dished thinking I deserved this letting it go on a sour note

The ideology of freedom eludes use as a society and we all define it differently the freedom of choices of life made simple turn to routine lean on the crutch that holds you up a choice where you took the best and seed a new path of life to choose

The hatred beyond self the love lacked from everyone else a will driven to choose what’s important the majority of the minority or to share the common knowledge to let the walls fall

This illusion we all fell victim to a slave to maintain a life style an image to portray what can be said for this necessity of free will of lack of there looking deep into self found what it means to be free to satisfy a human being.



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