Thank You Thursday: Genius of Life

Be thankful this day for the genius of life.

Life is far simpler than we make it, if we just let go of all ideas not of ourselves, then we can see life for what it truly is. We have all the answers contained within us, no matter the question; if we ask it enough times the answer will be reveled. The genius of life is not how complicated an idea or material item is, is the simplicity of it. The simplicity contained in the idea meaning the joy, happiness and architecture of the idea or item. We are a world base with simple ideas and concepts. Though there are a multitude of complex ideas and inventions, it's the simple ones that bring understanding and functionality to us and the world lived in. Not saying complex ideas and functions don't have their place, yet also it's how you, an individual defines simplicity.

Ideas are by design and of nature. Each idea is given to one being, each person is responsible for that idea coming to manifestation in the world. If the individual fails to act on that idea, then the idea will be passed on to someone else. Every moment, every thought, every action has a reason, we know this, yet fail to see nor understand the bigger picture, times when it's too late to do something. The design of life is an idea given to pursue cohesion.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the genius that lives in you. You can do anything, because you are everything!

Design of me

A blue print of me

Defined by He

DNA who made me

Led me to life

Design of me living life as it should be free

Life’s trials life’s loyalties testing me counting on me astound by what this be

Design of living life as it should be free

Reflection of what is to be the company I choose to keep mirror image of a former me

Design of me living life as it should be free

Unique more than a technique charm wisdom lessons learned you are to be better a work in progress

Design of me living life as it should be free

Combination of what is was and shall be altered the plan from choices given livin’ the freedom to choose now a part of me

Design of me living life as it should be free

Soon to be whole weaved from experiences and teachings leading me creating a new design of me



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