Thank You Thursday: Giving Life Through Energy

Be thankful this day for giving life through energy.

We as a collective and as individuals give life to all that surrounds us through thoughts and emotions. We are the creators of our destiny and responsible for the outcome. The energy given to items, news, people, etc. can manifest in many ways. How does it manifest itself? It manifests itself through our emotions, thoughts and words. When we give our full attention to something, no matter the subject, we lend it our energy to give it life. This is an unconscious process. Over the years we unknowingly gave our attention to subjects of desire or curiosity. It is when we become conscious, the energy given is lessened. How is this done? Through practice, we can pay attention to or notice something, and hear someone without expending or given little to no energy to it. It’s like hearing something we have little interest in, we don't pay attention to it.

Example in how we give life through energy. We watch the news daily; we sympathize with a victim, and get angry with the assailant. By having these emotions, we unconsciously feed our collective ego. When I say collective, I mean all in the world. Through this feeding we unconsciously encourage more of the same acts. Through consciousness, we become more aware of the energy leaving our bodies to serve a lesser purpose. By no means am I saying not to feel or have emotions, it makes humans and it's our warning system. We as a collective and as individuals are responsible for both the chaos and peace in the world we live in. Once we put into practice where and what we lend our energy to give life, we will become more aware of ourselves and the world we created through our energy, emotions, thoughts and words.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the ability to life through our energy.

Be thankful this day and everyday for consciousness allowing us to distribute our energy properly.

Be thankful this day and everyday for our collective responsibility.

What Kind

What kind of society have we created were kids are killing kids killing their parents babies having babies kids being tried as adults carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders not living the life that was given but living the life that was taken

What kind of society have we created were it is fashionable to have couch time whether it’s with a shrink or to shrink your mind that helps define you

soon to create mold a new you

a fetus awaiting life being brought into a world of madness of invisible racial lines times hated beyond color the same race in your face while others hide and disguise with a smile

What kind of society have we created were you gotta watch your back always there always true times can’t blame nobody but you

before you point that finger think about that adventure you went on a ride in the circle that you keep whether it’s big or small will always be judging who judging what me

What kind of society have we created were we walk around with blinders stepping on stepping over people looking out for number one me

times help times hinder times a heart of stone times a mask that shows how glad puttin’ on a front yeah you know what’s up fear of the unknown an adventure of life

What kind of society do we live in were love in rare cease to exist were people play on people feelings to get what they feel is owed to them from the past heart broken money talks diamonds sparkle greed lust sex mistrust

What kind of person are you

What kind of person do you wish to be

What kind of person have you become

What kind of life do you led

What kind of life do you wish to possess

What kind of life is waiting for you

Six questions that define who and what you are an exploration of your space to find your place whether a person full of joy passion just a dreamer a dual identity a secret life or just to help others through from your emotional pain of life from day to day being strong and only confide in the one closest to you

Stepping in the world cross the line fact or fiction how they have both fallen to past and future predictions did I mention

What kind of poet would I be if I didn’t share what lies in my heart

What kind of poet would I be if I didn’t share what my eyes placed before me

What kind of poet would I be if I didn’t share what my mind has taught me

What kind of poet would I be if I didn’t share my gift with you

I wouldn’t be!




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