Thank You Thursday: Guidance

Be thankful this day for guidance.

From the time of our spiritual conception from the Creator through the many incarnations, we are guided. We are guided through the lessons, situations and revelations in the many lives we have. Guidance is an essential part of our physical and spiritual evolution. As young children, we have the guidance of family and teachers. They act as role models for us, yet help us on the path we chose and to fulfill the lessons we desire to learn. Each individual lesson on our path guides us closer to fulfilling the sole purpose. The energy surrounding the guidance, whether you are aware of it or not, will always lead to your sole purpose.

For example, as a child I always had a talent for expressing myself through writing. Teachers, family and friends always told me I should pursue writing, I had other goals in mind. At one point I desired to be an aerodynamic engineer, because of my love for cars. Of course I've changed my mind due to my slight aversion to complex arithmetic. I always found myself writing about life and personal experiences. To say the least, I ended being a writer.

Guidance also comes through in the form of intuition. The sub or super conscious mind already knows what "this" is supposed to do. On an unconscious level our energy acts like a magnet bringing situations for us to learn from to be who we are meant to be. There are times where we are not aware of the lessons experienced until it has passed; yet we embrace them fully. Most times situations are set forth before our descent to serve on this planet. The situations are predetermined test to prepare us for the sole purpose in this life, the over arching lesson to move forward in the next life.

With each life we have our own personal guides, physical and spiritual. At Times, the spiritual guide works through physical guide to get our attention or relay messages. Though we all have different guides, the Angels and Ascended Masters are here to assist us all when we ask and grant them permission. They too work through those closest to us or even strangers to bring us help. They show us signs easily recognizable to us, letting us know they are working in our favor. This was a lesson I've been learning for years and I finally got it; the lesson of asking for assistance/guidance. We are not alone nor will we ever be. Our soul is the connection the guidance we desire. We have to open ourselves up to receiving the assistance/guidance we have asked for.  

Now more than ever as a collective we have to help and listen to the messages given to us. We are being asked and guided to shift our thinking and habits. Most of us are stuck in the preverbal role of being helpless. The prideful stubbornness and unwillingness to ask for help is hurting the world and yourself. We have to look within our self to summon the desired courage to ask for guidance and release any thought of pride hindering self  from the lesson and guidance desired to evolve. With guidance comes change. Change is constant, consistent and inevitable. As we grow up to be adult children, we cease to ask for guidance. Though we are "adults", we are still children of the Creator. He and His creations love to give guidance and support us in all we do. Regardless of our free will to choose to accept the help or not, it is there for us. Example, if someone gave you a new car or blank check, wouldn’t you take it? Asking for guidance is the same thing. Our guidance benefits all. With guidance comes more gratitude.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the receiving the assistance asked for.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the guidance of the heart and mind to be whole.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the creation of gratitude with guidance.

Agent What Agent Who

A conductor

A tool used to manifest creation with a balance in the life system

A messenger of life wielding energy of universal proportions while seeking shelter in stillness


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