Thank You Thursday: Honesty

Be thankful this day for honesty.

There is a difference between honesty and truth. Truth is fact and can't change, unless the circumstances, situation or object changes. Honesty comes from within us. Honesty is tied to the emotions of true self. Example, when we set a goal, there is a level of expectation we place on ourselves. Then we must be honest with ourselves to be sure if the goal is attainable. As a collective we lean away from being honest towards others, ultimately hiding from ourselves or complaining to others. We tend to soften criticism, any other form of opinion and even our own truth, just not to offend others. By soften our words and not fully expressing ourselves, we do ourselves more harm. The harm we place upon ourselves can manifest as a physical illness or result in a chain of unpleasant experiences. We feel on some level we are making a sacrificial sacrifice, by sparing one's feelings. The question we must ask our self now is, who is making the real sacrifice and what is the result.

There is quote from a show I regularly watch and gave me much thought in the strength of the mind. The quote goes, "the true mind can weather all the lies and illusion without being lost." The mind is more powerful than we as humans give it credit for. Our truth creates honesty. Once we are fully accepting of ourselves, truth and honesty will follow. We must be honest with ourselves as we are, yet continue to grow and evolve. Once we reach the place of spiritual awareness as an individual, all the veils will be lifted. Thus as a collective, we can experience and view life as it is meant to be, Heaven on Earth. As beings we can explore the vastness of the mind creating new opportunities of growth and expansion of wisdom. With new found wisdom of self, we become free to fully express ourselves, resulting in honesty of self and others.

Be thankful this day and everyday for to fully express the honesty within us.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the wisdom to guide us on the journey of true self.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the unfailing honesty to create our desires and fulfilling our purpose.


Portray the light of day

Step into the shade

Dawn the mask of night

Ignite attention given not welcomed

A decade dedicated to appease others needs leaves you drained wanting to obtain the thirst of self wealth

Laid down the foundation from a parade of fools clues and the right to choose who’s lost

Who’s paid the cost


A mask for every performance

A craft how long will it last

Created for a temporary fix to resist temptation of your own world of creation

Resonate the game you play

Give it up you forsake the self-contained

Maintain the imagine

A solution for the confusion

Chase only you face the true identity

Move through mirrors reflect in ripples of water realizing me and not wanting to be what others perceive



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