Thank You Thursday: Humor

Be thankful this day for humor.

Humor is one of many emotional release mechanisms. It is to help counter all the situations and ill emotions bringing discomfort. Humor revels the lightheartedness of all situations and personality. This lightheartedness engages those in your presence and opens up a comfortably. Humor is to aide in the healing process of letting go of the ill emotions and past situations. We as individuals having experienced both harboring ill emotions and past situations bringing us discomfort, we are manifesting as a physical aliment. Note, there are some aliments beyond our control, yet we still have the ability to contain them. Through the pain and suffering we've endured by our hands and design, it's God, the Creator or Universe to guide us back to a place of peace, love, comfort and joy. Through reflection of a harmful situation, it is released with meditation or most commonly laughter.

This laughter has both a chemical and energetic affect on the body and spirit. It's sending a signal to release the unwanted emotions and discomfort. This is the beginning of the cleansing process. This cleansing process heals the body and spirit. The affect of this cleansing can take hours, days, weeks, months or years. There is other pain and suffering deeply rooted in us requiring greater attention and healing. Humor is for surface issues we have been harboring for days, months and years. It's great to sit with friends and family to reminiscence about mishaps or situations at the time was not humorous. When we can laugh at ourselves this shows how comfortable we are, in our own skin. As one of my favorite entertainers said "Thank God for a sense of humor."

Be thankful this day and everyday for the emotional release of laughter.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the comfort we have with ourselves.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the ability to introduce humor into any situation.

Let It Go

Sailing through life picking up sensations taking time for all meditations

Understand what the dealer has dealt

Frustration the castration of life

use gifts given lift spirits bridge rifts

This is what was meant bathing in the scent of a job well done

Living in the past carrying it from life to life one before many leading to now understand where you were to be who you are can or will be

Confused fused with the knowledge gained maintained self image listen to the voices at work

Let it go

Use the flow of energy to free your soul

Caught up in the daily tension need a release use the extension of my body to satisfy the need of the flesh

Temptation too much receive a rush the sensual vibe you conceal yet slightly reveal beckoning me to enter your precious space

You made room for me

Turn it

Flip it

Lick it

Stick it

Inhibitions on the brink wanting to freak

wanting for the one to come and never leave

Carrying items of heart aches

memories of cherished moments

living with no regrets

learned from mistakes were done intentionally to create a being with limitless capacity for knowledge

for love

for understanding

Running through life situations




one half of me using what was learned and the other half of me wants to let it go

thank you

Unpacked your bags

leave it where it shall rest in peace or in pieces

once this skilled is obtained there is nothing you can’t do



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