Thank You Thursday: Intimacy

Be thankful this day for intimacy.

When we think of intimacy, we most commonly think of the sexually connotations of it. We think of the connection and knowledge shared with our spouse, partner, girlfriend or boyfriend. Intimacy goes beyond the physical nature of touch and openness to share. Intimacy is a shared connection between two souls. We open ourselves up to those whom we feel safe with. The nature of the connection varies between each soul pair or connection. The bond created times happen instantaneously or over a period of given time. What you share with one, you may not share with another. Life is a process and experience. We experience different things with different people. Times we want to experience all our heart and ideas with one person, but it may not be meant to share such things with the individual. With this ache or disappointment, we seek out new connections; a connection to fully experience and express who we truly are. This connection must start with self.

Intimacy is the willingness to give and receive variations of love and knowledge of self. It's this openness of self to become open to all things in the world. We begin to experience our connection to God, Creator and Universe. We have to have an introspective look at the world and those we share it with on an intimate level. When we start to look at the world and other souls in this manner, we feel empathy through our connection and understanding. Yet, we must remember to have an intimate connection with ourselves. We must be grounded in our connection to the God, Creator, Universe. We share an intimate connection with those from which we came. All life comes from one source, yet we as a collective feel superior to other begins created or incarnated to experience life, in their manner. The "lessor" beings, animals, plants, insects, water and the earth itself are all beings and souls meant to experience life as we do. We all have a "role" to play. Through our bond with life, we can truly experience life as it should be, as Heaven on Earth.

Be thankful this day and everyday for our connection to loved ones, past and present.
Be thankful this day and everyday for our knowing ourselves and God intimately.
Be thankful this day and everyday for our intimate connection to all life.

To be Touched

More than just a physical touch

A connection felt as minds melt

A rush sent coursing through veins elevate all pains

An energy stings leaves a mark sings like gentle rain beating on the window pane

A sensation never forgotten once the first took place

Gracefully approach

A gentle stroke

Awakened senses smile to show life signs realize the art has taken place

Symbolize the beginning of something new

The door has been open adore the moment in time

A touch can be more if you allow it to be

Sometimes it’s just that

Perceives is beyond thee

What is received is meant for the chosen

Many ways is a person touched

By words




Appeal to the senses look deep pass the looking glass of life into a soul

Reach it

Touch it

Understand it

Save it

Choose it

You have been chosen and touched

Bless you much




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