Thank You Thursday: Self Worth

Be thankful this day for self worth.

When we experience the lack of elf worth, depression sets in. The lack of feeling worthy is a process occurring of a period of time and is unnoticed, unless you perform regular self awareness checks. These checks help maintain a sense of self and place in evolution. Our self worth is not ego, it the knowledge to know we are good enough.

Self worth is our self esteem. When there is a sense of depravity, we begin to feel worthless or not worthy to neither have nor receive our true heart's desire. The lack of feeling worthy can stem from numerous sources, such as young childhood situations, verbal abuse, or simply not feeling very proud about yourself. As humans we tend to over compensate, when there is a lack of feeling worthy. We do not notice when we are over compensating, because it feels natural to those that are. Others close to us may recognize our behaviors, yet they have to have the courage to point this behavior out to us.

Over compensation can come in the forms of, over reacting, excessive behaviors, hording, controlling, playing the blame game and other like behaviors. However, there are a few who exhibit these behaviors and are aware of them. They may not have an idea to change or correct this feeling of lack, or they may be comfortable in the emotional place they are in. They create a sense of expectations on others and those who have this expectation placed on them is an enabler. This is a relationship pattern that must dissolve and evolve. This relationship is a disservice to the human experience.

How do we become self-aware of not feeling worthy? Some of the signs could be living vicariously through others, and/or having an insatiable desire of wanting with lacking the knowledge to receive the object of desire. When there is recognition of the signs or the like of, healing can begin. We have to know why we want what we want. As humans, we rationalize an emotion, thought or action to benefit our behavior. But how do we really benefit from misconstruing the original thought, action and emotion? The choice made in the moment can ultimately serve our greater purpose or harm us in multiple ways. Any thought we have should be a natural one and not forced to fill a spiritually empty place. With the natural feeling of self worth, we gain a greater respect for self and others.

Self worth is also a form of respect of self. We can't expect others to respect us if we don't respect ourselves. Most of us think, respect should be earned and not given. Respect can be uneasy to manage at times. Generally as spiritual beings we give respect to all. Through society we have learned to be courtesy, civil and kind to others. That is our natural spiritual self expressing itself to strangers or those sharing a common area. In certain heightened emotional states, giving respect can be uneasy. Example, friend, family member, spouse or ex-spouse, partner, or acquaintance upset or disrespected you by lessening your spirit; however there still is a respect for their being, but not as a person or their action. Like respect, self worth has to given. How do heal from the lack of self worth?

We have to open ourselves up to experiencing receiving and ask for assistance. Recently I was battling with this very thing. I felt unworthy to receive my heart's desire and what the Creator had in-store for me. This occurred in me due to a change in life situations. The feeling of unworthiness grew and was unnoticed, until I found myself not smiling as much and depending on others to make me smile or bring joy to me. When I finally noticed this, I began to sit in meditation with the affirmations written. This helped to reprogram my sense of self to feel worthy to experience the totality of this life. 

Our self worth is tied into all our emotions. We must come to know we are worthy to be alive, feel love, have joy, and to receive the miracles we co-create. To feel self worth is to have our purest intentions met and heart's desires filled. The Universe knows we are worthy, we have feel and know we, ourselves are worthy.

Be thankful this day and everyday for becoming more aware of self and behaviors.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the Divine Wisdom to guide us in self healing and knowing.
Be thankful this day and everyday to feel worthy, to be alive and experience the totality of your life.

Futile Fool

A haze of delusion in the maze of life created from infinite patterns to one path

The fragmented jester walks aimlessly

Providing entertainment while searching for self in a place unknown

Shrouded in a cloud of judgment

What is the meaning

The truth of it all

Leaving what was

Learning what is

A place unknown now is home

Standing in the court of acceptedness

As the mist lifts exposing the absolute thoughts

Discovering of self is time well spent for the purpose only known to the fool


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