Thank You Thursday: Discipline

Be thankful this day for Discipline.

When we think of discipline, we think of a harsh punishment for breaking someone else’s rules. We think there is always a karmic "price" to pay when we do something not pleasing to others. We believe in such things, so it is manifested. As children we are "disciplined" for not following the house or school rules. Having this fear set in early will inevitable put us in the path to greatness; at least that's our conditioned thinking. We become so rigid and fearful of making a mistake; we walk on egg shells the rest of our life until we have decided enough is enough. Somehow we break the cycle of being bullied by the rules not self-imposed. We find the freedom in self to explore life within our own personal rules. The question now becomes how to maintain a space of freedom, while in the confines of our rules?

Discipline is a practice of personal faith. Our personal faith can have anything from having a cup of tea to meditation and even items, feeling, and thoughts producing joy. It is the routine practice of our joy to make it a disciplinary practice. When we perform the same repetitive physical exercise or movements, we get better at them from the choice made to stick with it. We made the choice to stick with it because of a goal set; having goals aid in the disciplinary process. Our human self, and through conditional thinking, we have a collective faith, the more we practice the better we will get at any task preformed. This is true, however what do we when the joy of what we do runs out? We find ways to bring joy back in to our practice, either by taking a break from it, introducing a challenging element, breaking the rules, or simply stop all together. The goal set by our personal faith is what keeps us going.

Yet we perform daily tasks as "means to an end" or "because we have too." We are disciplined or programmed to wake up daily, perform morning rituals, off to work and do the same for five days in a row. We perform these daily functions, because we haven't learned how to break the cycle of doing what we must to live in a world ran by greed. A portion of us like and even love what we do "earn" a living. Others find a way to justify the means for what they do and a select few remove the job entity and bring forth their character to change the dynamic of what they do. The reason why so many people are going into business for themselves; is  to learn how to break the cycle of "earning" a living. When we work from a place of joy, the daily tasks performed is not called earning, it’s called living. We don't have to earn anything; it is our birth right as Spiritual Beings to live abundantly and joyously! Our daily tasks are to live joyously.

When we follow the path of joy, discipline is almost second nature. Our personal faith is the combination of joy and discipline. We perform tasks and think ideas to bring us joy, and then these tasks and ideas follow a form a discipline. Our self-imposed discipline keeps us focused on the goals set in our path, yet leave us open to all the opportunities around and in us. It is ok to deviate from routine discipline. What is done from the authentic self, can only manifest joy. We no longer have to be fearful of what discipline brings us, because we can create it for the safety of self and others with love. Courage is instilled in us to break the cycles created to punish/penalize self and others for misunderstanding someone else’s rules. Remember, we are harsher on self more than anyone else ever could be. Help others to understand your rules and safeguards in place with love. Through creating our space and rules, we learn how to discard or redefine the rules created to keep self in check.

Keeping our self in-check can only do harm to self. We learned from an early age that having rigid discipline can serve us, it is true in some cases, when enforced with love and not fear. With all discipline, must come room for flexibility. Learning to make room to expand and redefine our personal faith makes us stronger and wiser. Our rules is ours alone, not to be imposed on others, however they must be respected. The expansion of the thought process of discipline brings new levels of awareness and freedom. We now give ourselves permission to enjoy life, move pass self-imposed boundaries, and to indulge in life fantasies.

Be thankful this day and everyday to be disciplined with love from parents, loved ones and God.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the expansion of personal faith to bring forth freedom of self.
Be thankful this day and everyday to indulge in the desired life fantasies.

Coherent Ambition


Subconscious thoughts stored in the form of dream only to be understood through analytical process triggered by momentary visions of life brought to you


Waken by the determination forged through concentration and the motivation of self preservation soon restoration a healing factor of awareness


A controlled rage directed towards the goal with sights set in the cross hairs of life becoming limber to defend what’s in motion an immoveable unstoppable force


Living with drive to strive and give right in the thoughts that awakened the purpose the responsibility of self



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