Thank You Thursday: Intimacy

Be thankful this day for intimacy.

As a collective we usually think of intimacy as being sexual. Intimacy is having a deeper understanding of self or connection(s). Though some intimate connections may stir sexual feelings, not all sensations are sexual. This sensation felt is primal or base emotion letting you know there is a connection. It is a form of vibrational energy resonating and connecting with you. How do we decipher between the two sensations, raw sexual attraction and deeper connections?

Living/Being human, we tend to be attracted to tangibles and using our senses to guide us. However with intimacy, we have another tool to rely on; our intuition. Our intuition tells us whether the connection we have is a deeper more meaningful one or sexual interest. I'm not saying you can't have both, but just a better understanding of the two. Often times the fine line between the two is so grayed they blend. Being sexual with someone allows you to express a form a physical love or attraction. Being intimate allows you to express the energy in the connection. You can be intimate with family, friends, spouse, colleagues, and God on many different levels. Having intimacy allows for comfort in a relationship you have with a person or being.

There is no real separation of the two, sexual or being intimate. They both equate to expressions of love. It is the matter of expression making a difference, causing the mental separation, however energetically they are the same. Our collective brain created this separation along with many others. Each soul is connected. Each soul is linked to one another. Some souls are intimate with one another. Since we are all connected, we are all intimate souls. Our brain gets in the way of the intimate connection we should have with one another. Being intimate is sharing of self with another on different levels. Yes it is ok to be selfish, as long as we remember our connection. Times being disconnected can be healthily. The relationship we have varies from person to person and soul to soul. We created a place, Earth and situations to explore many paths and choices. How we get to the same place is dependent on our intimate connection with self and full understanding of the energy presented.

We have to ask ourselves do we feel an intimate connection with self. Do we have an intimate connection with our fellow spirits? Do we have an intimate connection with the Divine Source? In other words are we familiar with who we are NOW and transmuting /ascending too. When we have intimacy or familiarity with ourselves and each other, then we can better understand humanity as a whole. Then can we truly be one.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the knowledge and awareness we have of each other.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the intimacy flowing through our daily lives.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the forms of love expressed leading to collective oneness.

Sleeping Heart 

Missing the heartbeat lulling this soul to sleep to be awaken by your presence calling to me and me calling to you

Sensing your movements and thoughts as if you were near

A calming presence with a radiant beauty flowing to overflowing melodies of oneness

Reconnecting with you time and life again

From the first and through standing before me

With me as is

Knowing who you are before we meet because we met souls ago

Imprinted upon an eternal spirit

Expressing an everlasting passion running deeper than first imagined opening self to the desired connection to what is

Emanating the highest frequency


Bounded to and through all existence

Preparation complete before we meet again in the world created for us and buy us

Once again neglected by the separation of the time and infected of ensuing madness

Finding cures of void-less presence and temporary fixes

Unfocused streams of pressure pursued

 fills gaps of tender moments created in said time

Creating peace and tranquility in my personal garden

Feeling the spirit the passion it craves from the Heavens above

Landing in a place of warmth an embrace oh so familiar to the soul awakening a heart that slept for so long



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