Thank You Thursday: Releasing Sanctity

Today have appreciation in Releasing Sanctity. 

When we think of sanctity, we think of holiness, something of sacred value. But, what is it that we truly value? Do we value the object giving meaning, do we value having a claim on something, or do we value possessing a possession? When there is ownership involved, we feel it gives us empowerment and entitlement, over someone or something.

How did humanity come to a place of desiring ownership/sanctity? It came from the feeling of lack. If we could show we owned something someone else did not, it showed our individual power. From this came competition. If we could out do another, then we were better than them. Sadly after this came revenge, because if we didn't like what they had and no other way to prove our worth, then we would get back at them. However all of this had to take place and be witness too, because it is contrast for what we desire for humanity to live as. How do we move to place of releasing the individual value ownership, to embrace universal ownership? 

Sanctity is placing an importance on an object, experience, or person. When we place such a high level of expectation on the physical world, there will be a sense of being let down. Reason being, this is our own experience projecting out to the world. We place this expectation, expecting the same in return.

The anticipation of the experience is greater, because it offers us a new sensation. Pause and think of the many times when you placed a high value on an experience, object, or a person. Did the follow through expectation live up to or exceed personal goals or was it a letdown? In either case, it was your expectation projected and then reflected upon you. Sometimes we don't like what we see or feel. However have appreciation for it, because of the contrast, it is showing you what you don't want; then you can align yourself with what you do want.  

One of the ways to release self-importance is the use of ownership words, i.e. my or mine. This is your ego owning you, the soul. This was something I wasn't aware of for quite some time. I had to become aware of the words I used and how I used them. Those words offer self individual power. And yes it does feel good to the ego to say, "My house, My car, My cup, My laptop," etc. But there's a funny thing when you use the words my or mine, when you use them in a possessive manner in front of an object of large monetary value, then the word is strengthened.

It is our ego giving the power to what we own, not our soul. When we use the words my or mine, to describe facts or the truth as it is, there is no power to it. Example, "Honey I love you and you have my heart." The power coming from the statement is genuine and filled with love. You can also say "This is my house." or "I love my house."  This shows appreciation for what was received. It is all in the matter in how you use the words to express an idea or thought. Each thought carries a vibration to the word used. When there is awareness, there is love. 

How and what you say plays a huge role in the humanity experience. The Sanctity of what we hold comes from a place within us. We may learn what is important or holy to us from external sources, but our Soul knows what is truly important. Our Soul is speaking to us all the time. We only have to tune in to listen to what it’s saying. Our Souls is a source of all nourishment. Whether if it's physical or non-physical our Soul will guide us to what we desire to feel good. Feeling good is truly important to the Soul and our Soul guides us to that place.  

What is important? Is it feeling valued? Is it owning something of value? Is it sharing, giving what you already have? When we come to place internally where we can release individual ownership/possessiveness, we allow ourselves to open to sharing what is important to the rest of the world. Through the act of sharing, we come to embrace the universal ownership. We come to care for self and others better by having being led by a Selfless Soul. Remember, we already have what we desire. Once we step out our non-physical way, the egoic mind, we can allow more of what we truly desire.  

What is it do we truly desire? Love. How important is having and being loved? In a world now, where everything is moving fast and faster, we forget how to create with intention what we want. We get lost by living in the next moment and not now. We get lost by living for and through others and not self. We think by living ahead we have caught up to what we want. We think by living for others everyone including self will be happy. What is most important? Creating a life with intention, being fulfilled, feeling good, and having and sharing love. When you release what you think is good, what you know feels good will fill your Soul. 

Today have appreciation for having the contrast in your live to know what you want.
Today have appreciation to know what is truly important and of value to your soul.
Today have appreciation for knowing your Soul and its importance. 


What is mine
What do I have
What I have is my Soul 

What is yours
What do you have
You have your Soul 

Being possessed by God
Being guided by Divine
This is true design 

Taking what's offered
Receiving what's asked for
Leaving what's not necessary 

Nothing is mine alone
Something is there
Everything is for all 


Peter fox 17th October 2013 5:04 am

"feeling good is truly important to the soul and our soul guides us to this
place" I love this statement,Hillis,and if we simply ALLOW this to happen
- then job done! This is so simple. What is not easy is the sheer perseverance required to allow it to happen naturally and without thought.
Great posting- Thank you!

Hillis 17th October 2013 8:10 am

Greetings Peter, I am joyous you love this posting! Yes it is so simple and a lesson I come back too. Keep awaking! You are welcome! Hillis

victor 17th October 2013 3:38 pm

Blessings to you Hillis.

Hillis 17th October 2013 4:26 pm

Thank you Victor. Love to you my friend.

Tiff 17th October 2013 9:00 pm

Lovely reminder. Thank you, Hillis

Hillis 18th October 2013 7:08 am

Hi Tiff, you are very welcome!

debs go lightly 29th January 2015 5:10 pm

Hi Hillis
I was pondering your beautiful words, then I talked to the
ego and found her to be weeping and frightened. I had forgotten to love her and to help her feel safe.
Now I feel a letting go of all the things I thought I needed to be 'good enough' in the world (I hope
that continues!).
The ego didn't know how to cope after I left 3D. I don't know if I'm putting this very
clearly but thank you, you have helped me to dig deeper.
Much love and light

Hillis 29th January 2015 5:17 pm

Hi Debs,
I am so happy for you! I am happy you found the words and able to receive the message to continue on your path!

Love and light to you,

Eyewitness 17th February 2015 2:54 pm

Ask anyone what is most important in life and they will always answer that Love is Everything. Yet, it occurs to me that any desire to be validated by someone outside yourself is little more than the false ego's attempt to feel valued, is it not? This process must lead the soul right back to the illusion of being separate. I personally have no need to be loved, or to feel loved even as I place no value on criticisms either. I was under the impression that the whole process here was designed to rid the soul of all desire. Surely there is great value to be found in NOT having to feel loved by anyone. Not needing to be part of something, not requiring the input of others.... I wonder.


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