Thank You Thursday: Sound

Be thankful this day for sound.

Sound is a nurturing aspect of our lives taken for granted. Sound is a part of our daily life, yet those unable to hear find the sound in sight. Those of us with the use of all five senses must come into full awareness of them to truly enjoy our surroundings. From the sounds of the city to the sounds of nature, each one has purpose and distinction in tone. From deciphering the sounds with our hearing, we can determine what the object is and the distance. Our hearing can act as a guide for our surroundings; however sound plays a much more important role in our life.

Ever wonder why we are attracted to certain songs or sounds? The sounds we are attracted to vibrate with our own individual frequency. Since we are energy beings first, we tune into like frequencies. Music is the easiest frequency to tune into. We find ourselves moving to beats, and swaying to hypnotic voices. Music brings us to a place of Now or being present. When we listen to music, we are engulfed in the frequency that is aligned with our soul. Our soul finds music we will be attracted to. We are innately musical beings. Our body has its own rhythm, everything from a heartbeat to messages sent throughout the body. We walk and talk in rhythm. All we do as spiritual beings is in rhythm, with our own distinction.

The individual distinction comes in with our voice, both physically and metaphorically. Our voice is distinct to us; it is made to fit our personality. Our voice changes to fit our mood, much like the shifts in our frequency. When we shift our frequency, unconsciously, we shift our mood and the tonality in our voice follows. Some of the shifts are involuntary, yet all is in alignment and projected in our voice. Our voice carries much weight in our personality. It can tell what kind of person you, what you have been through, what you are feeling and can even tell what you are hiding. The pattern in which we speak says a lot about who we are as well. Listen to how the people in your life speak; listen to how they convey thoughts, and feelings. The sound releasing from their mouth is says more than words. The sound we release is a part of who we are. We have a voice to be used and express thoughts and ideas. Our voice is the first form of expression.

The sounds of the city are in opposite frequency than our natural frequency. From years of exposure, we have gotten use to the sounds, like everything else after prolonged exposure. As spiritual beings we seek a quite place, a refuge to discard all other sounds to find peace within. We seek to find retreats in nature to get away from the noise we created. We seek to come back into balance with the world of noise we created. To obtain the desired peace, most of us go on vacations away from noise, go on nature hikes, sabbaticals, or seek the closest thing in nature to escape to. We have the ability to tune out what is not desired and come to full awareness. Usually what is tuned out creates new levels of awareness within and surrounding.

The sounds filling our daily lives are important. The help us in daily routines, gauge with something or someone is off, make us more aware of us and surroundings. We have to experience both extremes in life to find the desired personal balance. The self-harmony we create in finding balance in all extremes is key. As a collective voice, we often don't speak what in on our minds in fear of hurting others. Yet on the note, we do more harm in not speaking our truth. We carry thoughts in our heads, speaking the should of's, would of's and could of's. As a collective voice, we have a responsibility to speak our truth. We can speak our truth in so many ways to hear it will always help another. Speaking our truth from is meant to help and lift others. Speaking our truth will release the voices we hear in our head to create a new sense of well-being and self-harmony. Sound is more than what is heard, sound is the streaming voice of all collective consciousness.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the healing and loving energy of sound.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the self expression sound allows us to have.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the streaming collective consciousness to allows us to create new thoughts and ideas.

Inspirational Birth

Syncopated rhythms words that rhyme you can’t deny the hypnotic notes that make you dance to the boom in the base that flows like magma that erupts from the core that is your soul

Musical melodic melodies move masses of people poetically exuding freedom happiness a state of relaxation evoking messages of life death love pride and eroticism

Causing remembrance taking effect on the present mind set frozen in the past only for a second it will last leading to once unspoken words now heard now shared given birth by inspiration


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